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de Grummond Collection "Most Wanted" Books
September 2013*


Although we have over 160,000 books in our Collection, there are always titles that we lack. If any of the titles listed below are taking up valuable space on your book shelves, we'd love to help you out by adding them to our Collection. The books need not be first editions in excellent condition, and ex-library books are always welcome. Thank you for your donation!

19th Century American Juvenile Authors, Little Known Pseudonyms; Black Cat Press, 1979.

ABC in Dixie: A Plantation Alphabet by Louise Quarles and George Willard Bonte; Ernest Nister & E.P. Dutton, 1895.

The Academy, or, A Picture of Youth by William Mackenzie; J. Harris, 1808.

Adults Alphabets: Examples of English Press Alphabet Books From the Last 100 Years with an Alphabetical Description, Copious Illustrations, and a Checklist of Press Alphabet Books by David Blamires; Hanborough Parrot, 1990.

Alice Learmont: A Fairy Tale by Dinah Mulock Craik, illustrated by James Godwin; Chapman & Hall, 1852 (or 1884).

Alice Learmont, Or A Mother's Love by Dinah Mulock Craik, illustrated by John Tenniel; Mayhew & Baker, 1859.

American Children's Literature and the Construction of Childhood by Gail Schmunk Murray; Twayne, 1998.

Ananse and the King’s Cow by Verna Aardema, designed and illustrated by Harry Wysocki; Bowmar, 1969 (or 1975 edition).

The Animals' Ball by Helene Tersac; Green Tiger Press, 1983.

Anna's Tree Swing by Del Aven, illustrated by Debra Aven; Broadman, 1981.

The Anne Anderson Fairy Book by Anne Anderson; Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1923.

Another Fairy Reader by James Baldwin; American Book Co., 1907.

Apartheid and Racism in South African Children's Literature, 1985-1995 by Donnarae MacCann; Routledge, 2001.

The Art of Children's Picture Books: A Selective Reference Guide by Sylvia Marantz; Garland, 1995.

The Artist's Notebook: The Life and Art of Merritt Mauzey by Merritt Mauzey; Memphis State University Press, 1979.

As They Were and As They Should Have Been by Olga Morgan; Lawrence and Bullen, 1905.

Aunt Louisa's Book of Fairy Tales by Laura J. Valentine; Frederick Warne & Co., Ltd., 188[?].

Australian Children's Literature, Volume I by Marcie Muir; Andre Deutsch, 1970.

Australian Children's Literature, Volume II by Marcie Muir; Andre Deutsch, 1976.

Author Profile Collection by Book Report; Linworth Publishing, 1992.

Baby's Own Primer illustrated by Kate Greenaway; D. Lothrop, 1877.

Back in the Spaceship Again: Juvenile Science Fiction Series Since 1945 by Karen Sands; Greenwood Publishing Group, 1999.

The Bear Hunt by Howard Garis; McLoughlin Brothers, 1930.

Beauty and the Beast by Freire Wright; David & Charles (or Methuen Young Books), 1989.

Beauty and the Beast, and Other Tales by Walter Crane, introduction by Anthony Crane; Thames & Hudson and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1982.

The Bending of A Twig by Desmond Coke; Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton, 1909.

Bengal Fairy Tales by F.B. Bradley-Birt; John Lane, 1920.

The Best Ornament by Tracy Towne; D. Lothrop & Co., 1893 [?].

The Betsy-Tacy Companion by Sharla Whalen; Portalington Press, 1995.

Betty Wales, Business Woman by Margaret Warde; Betty Wales Dressmakers, 1916.

The Betty Wales Girls and Mr. Kidd; The Penn Publishing Co., 1912.

Betty's First Term by Lilian F. Wevill; Blackie & Son, 1905.

Beyond the Border by Walter Douglas Campbell, illustrated by Helen Stratton; Archibald Constable, Westminster, 1898.

Big Guide 2: Irish Children's Books by Valerie Coghlan; O'Brien Press Ltd., 2000.

Billie Bradley and Her Inheritance by Janet Wheeler; Cupples & Leon, 1920.

Birthday Bouquet with Daily Quotations Introducing Flowers and Names by Annie Greaves, illustrated by Kate Greenaway; 1903.

Children's Literature Comes of Age: Toward A New Aesthetic by Maria Nikolajeva; Garland, 1996.

The Child's Book-Plate by Gardner C. Teall; Charterhouse Press, 1904.

Child's Own Book of Verse (Volumes I and II) by Ada Maria Skinner, illustrated by Maud and Miska Petersham; Macmillan, 1917.

Early Victorian Illustrated Books: Britain, France, and Germany, 1820-1860 by John Buchanan-Brown; Oak Knoll Press, 2005.

Farah's Guide by David Farah; SynSine Press, 1995.

Frank and Joe Turn Blue by Tony Carpentieri; SynSine Press, 1993.

Gladiola Garden: Poems of Outdoors and Indoors for Second Grade Readers by Effie Lee Newsome and Lois Mailou Jones; Associated Publishers, 1940.

A Guide to Early Juvenile Literature by Arnold Grade; C.E. Merrill, 1970.

Index to St. Nicholas Volumes I-XLV (1873-1918) by Anna Guthrie; Wilson, 1920.

Little Prattlers ABC Book: A Fascinating Book For Children; W.B. Conkey (or Homewood Publishing), 1903.

Little Prattlers Picture-Book by R. Worthington, illustrated by Kate Greenaway [ca. 1880-1890].

The Night Before Christmas: Rattles and Prattles for Little Prattlers; J.T. Thompson, 1906.

Not Just Fairy Godmothers! Another Multicultural Unit With Unusual Magical Elements by Bonnie Nowak; Bon Mot Publishing, 1995.

Reading Beyond the Basal: Using Children's Literature to Extend and Enrich the Basal Program written and illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats; Perfection Form Co., 1987.

Rowena, Teena, Tot and the Runaway Turkey by Fannie Burgheim Blumberg, illustrated by Mary Grosjean; Albert Whitman Co., 1936.

Story of Peter Rabbit: Peter Rabbit Cut-Out Series, Charles E. Graham Publisher, 1920 [?].

Tales From the Brothers Grimm, Volume One: Little Red Riding Hood illustrated by Charles Vess; Gargoyle Press, 1988.

What's A Good Book, Ms.? by Andrea Allard; Melbourne, Australia Victorian Education Dept, 1984.

*This list is updated regularly


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