"The All White World of Children's Books" was first used by Nancy Larrick, Ph.D. as the title for a Saturday Review of Books article published in 1965. Dr. Larrick, formerly the President of the International Reading Association, recalls the impetus for her study came when a five year old black girl asked why all the children were white in the books she read. Her question came more than 20 years after Charlemae Rollins and others had begun a campaign for more positive examples of blacks and black culture in books for children, and its significance compelled Dr. Larrick to investigate an answer. The results of Larrick's study have been reprinted in the 1995 book of the same title, edited by Osayimwense Osa.

In 1985 the Cooperative Children's Book Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison began to document the number of books published in the United States for children about people of color. The results of their study, conducted with the assistance of the Coretta Scott King Award Task Force of the American Library Association, can be found at http://www.education.wisc.edu/ccbc/books/pcstats.htm. For more information on The All White World of Children's Books and other books for further reading, click on the image.