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Collection Title: Komisar (Lucy) Civil Rights Collection

Collection Number: M 395

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

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Guide to the Issues of the Mississippi Free Press

Folder 2: 1961
Dec. 16 -1st African American to run for Congress in 20th Century: R. L. T. Smith
-boycott of Capitol St. in Jackson
23 -1st public Civil Rights hearing is held
-Clarksdale boycott
-thank you note for boycott support by Medgar W. Evers, “NAACP
Appeals to Negro, White Citizens”
30 -“U. S. Justice Department Files Suit Concerning Voter Test”
-police brutality in Tylertown and Prentiss
Folder 3: 1962
Jan. 6 -African American leaders jailed for conspiracy to boycott in Clarksdale and Coahoma County
-Medgar W. Evers’ letter to the editor
20 -NAACP files suit to desegregate recreational facilities in Jackson
-“Law Against Desegregation Actively Sought”
-“Ole Miss Integration Suit Delayed”
Feb. 24 -police brutality in Jackson
Mar. 10 -Aaron Henry jailed on fake charges
24 -Hinds official shoots released prisoner
-Nuclear testing by Kennedy administration
Apr. 14 -“Injunction Granted Against Forrest County Registrar”
-African American G. I. killed after returning to hometown on leave, no jury indictment of the policeman who shot him
28 -African American boycott of Jackson City buses
-7 jailed in Huntsville, AL, for lunch counter sit-in
May 5 - Human relations council formed
-African American voter increase in Florida
-Freedom fighter surrenders, though expecting a baby
26 -“White Man Kills Black Man Over Lover”
-Court frees Episcopal ministers
-“Kennedy is not another Lincoln”
-2 arrested in courtroom for sitting in the white section
June 9 -“Prominent Jackson Business Woman Arrested at Memphis Airport”
-“Jackson Police Arrest Protesters on Federal Property”
16 -“Jackson Municipal Airport Supposedly Desegregated”
-“Federal Courts Save Meredith”
-African American youth brutally beaten
-“Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt to Chair Inquiry on Southern Civil Rights Violations”
23 -“Voter Registration Vital”
-“4 End 17 Days in Jail”
30 -“Ole Miss Will Integrate in July”
-Jackson attorney, William L. Higgs, and college students arrested for
riding in a car in an mixed group
-book review: Fight For Freedom: The Story of the NAACP
July 7 -Citizen Education Workshop: “Functions of Mississippi State Government”
-“A July 4th Message From J. Edgar Hoover”
14 -Legislative districts restructuring
-Citizen Education Workshop: “Functions of Mississippi State Government” part 2
-“Meredith May Have to Wait Until September”
21 -Hart’s bakery employees on strike
-Greenwood man dies while on county work farm
28 -Employees of Hart’s bakery continue to strike
-“Kennard in Prison, Far From Ole Miss”
-“Mississippi Voter Registration Requirements”
-“The Law” by James Meredith
Aug. 4 -Wife of Clarksdale Civil Rights leader, Mrs. Aaron Henry’s, teaching contract not renewed after 10 years at the job
-book review: Career of Jim Crow
-“History of Clyde Kennard”
11 -laborers strike at 14 sites of Jackson
-sheriff threatens student worker at Holly Springs
-“5 Affidavits Expose Airport Bias in Restaurant Dining Room”
-“History of Clyde Kennard”
-changes to the voting laws in Greenwood
25 -“Free Press Reporter Has Camera Taken; Threatened’ -strike ends
-“Parents Determined to Enter Children in Schools This Fall”
-Citizen Education Workshop: “Campaigning for Political Office”
Sept. 1 -“Congress Says ‘No Poll Tax’”
-“Free Press Reporter Has Camera Returned”
8 -Forrest County registrar, Theron C. Lynd will stand trial
-New Industry on the way to Mississippi
-“Problems Puzzle Klan: Horses, Robes, Torches”
-“History of Clyde Kennard”
15 -“Meredith to Enroll”
-“Shotgunning in Ruleville; 2 Injured in Ambush”
-“Hattiesburg sees Lynd Trial”
-Citizen Education Workshop: “Our Federal Protections”
-“History of Clyde Kennard”
22 -“President Kennedy Says ‘Deserve Protection’”
-“U. S. Marshals Attend Meredith”
-Hattiesburg registrar trial
-“History of Clyde Kennard”
Oct. 6 -“Meredith in College; Doesn’t Take Never”
-“Some Students on Campuses in South Support Integration”
-“KKK Disbands: No Response to War Call”
-Colonial Bakers get contract in Mississippi
-Mississippi businessmen oppose mob violence
13 -“Terror Reigns Throughout State; Bombings, Shootings- But No Deaths”
-“Nation Pulls for Meredith”
20 -Thousands boycott state fair
-Policeman kills African American motorist
-“Oxford Minister Speaks Out on Ole Miss Mess”
27 -“Apportionment Plan Up for Vote”
-Arrests, shootings, and intimidation related to voter registration
Nov. 3 -“R. F. K. Calls Barnett Liar: Files Charges in Court”
-“Conference Will Discuss South’s Rural Problems”
-“Ex – Ole Miss Editor Speaks Out About ‘False Impressions’”
-African American slain while attacking officer
10 -“President Forbids Discrimination in Companies With Federal Contracts”
-“Worker Fired Because He Sought Better Job”
-“Meeting to Aid Rural Dwellers”
-Educational series: “How to Meet a Child’s Needs”
17 -“Ross Barnett Suffers Stinging Vote Defeat”
-“Leflore Denies Food to 22,000 to Force End to Voter Registration”
-Planters in the Delta threaten mass evictions for African Americans who try to register to vote
-Student conference held on the future of the State
-Citizen Education series on parenting: “The Importance of Answering Questions”
24 -“Miss Union Leader Attacks Hate Group”
-“Clarksdale Women Fired for Striking Her Male Attacker”
-“Special Legislative Session Considers Reapportionment”
-Citizen Education series on parenting: “The Importance of the Family Group”
Dec. 1 -“Jackson Plant Ordered to Rehire Union Men”
-“Appeal Seeks to Liberate Kennard”
-“Ole Miss Editor Supports Freedom of Association; Faces Students’ Censure”
-Citizen Education series on parenting: “Children Need New Experiences”
-“1960 Elections Suggest New Politics for the South”
8 -Grant hearing occurs to consider Kennard’s petition
-“’Yellow Dog’ Clause Verifies Intimidation”
22 -“Rural Areas Lose Influence in New Reapportionment Proposal”
-“Mississippi Students Seek Justice for Kennard”
-“Arrest Ruleville High Students in Warning of Rights Supporters”
-petition to free Clyde Kennard
29 -“U. S. Shall Prosecute Barnett and Johnson: Charges Gov. Blocked Meredith”
-“4 Justice Department Suits Aimed at Voting Bias: Forrest County”
-“Meridian Workers Vote for Unions”
-“The Top 10 Stories of Mississippi, 1962”
-“More Pickets Jailed as Capitol Street Boycott Continues in Jackson”
Folder 4: 1963
Jan. 5 -“Picketers Attempt to Disqualify Judge Cox”
-Plea of Kennard’s freedom filed with state Supreme Court
-2 youths with aid for destitute families jailed on drug charge
-Executive Board of the Association of American Law Schools may suspend membership of Ole Miss law school for failing to respect the law
12 -“Conservatives Lose House Rules Battle”
-“Ministers Speak Out on Discrimination”
-2 ministers receive threats and pressure after signing statement
-more justice department suits aim to stop voting discrimination
19 -“Mississippi Group Calls for Civil Rights Hearings”
-“Meredith Hits Constant Harassment at U. M.”
-“Kennard Appeals to Federal Court, State Supreme Court Rejects Plea”
-“Pastor Wins Backing of Church Board on Position Against Bias”
-petition to free Clyde Kennard
-“Racists Brainwash White Southerners in Childhood”
23 -U. S. Supreme Court denies Mississippi appeal of Meredith orders
-“Garment Plants Brought to Trial for Unfair Labor Practices”
-“What Is a Labor Union?”
Mar. 2 -3 young children arrested in Clarksdale
-125 fill out voter forms in Greenwood
-U. S. Secretary of Labor, W. Willard Wortz, asked to rescind his approval of 3 segregated training programs
-“The Law of the Land”
-“What is a Labor Union?”
9 -“Parents Ask for Injunctions to Open Jackson Schools”
-“Vow All – Out Vote Drive in Leflore – Demand Federal Protection Following Attempted Killing”
-“President Requests Federal Voting Referees for the South”
-Dick Gregory will help Mississippi provide Federal surplus food to needy African Americans
-“States’ Rights, Responsibilities”
16 -More gunfire when Greenwood citizens attempt voter registration
-U. S. suit attacks most states’ voting laws
-Prisoners at Parchman are being motivated to pick cotton with the revival of the use of a leather whip known as “Black Annie”
-MSU’s basketball team to be sent to integrated tournament (after college board voted that it was okay)
-“Leake County Parents File Desegregation Suit”
-“An Explanation of the New Presidential Primary Law”
23 -Citizens of Quitman form voter league
-Clarksdale police threaten students from Iowa State
-Attorney for U. S. Civil Rights Commission arrested for entering the African American waiting room
-“Frazier Will File Third Appeal for Southern U.”
-“Governor Ross Barnett’s Speech Brings Roars of Laughter from Harvard Students”
30 -“125,000 School Children Sit Out Lunch – Too Poor”
-“Mississippi Senators Eastland and Stennis Visited by Picketers”
-Ross is laughed at when he speaks at Harvard Law about progress in the South (part 2)
-“75 Children in Biloxi Ask for Desegregation”
Apr. 6 -Many want to vote in Greenwood and ask for Federal protection
-“Citizens Charge Greenville Hospital Maintains Inadequate Accommodations”
20 -“4 Citizens Report Violent and Economic Repercussions After Seeking Voter Registration”
-“Congressman Diggs to See President About Delta Situation”
-ACLU charge that all rights of an African American man accused of raping a white girl in Canton, MS, have been ignored
27 -“Minimum Wages Excludes Farmers, Other Workers”
-Canton man charges police brutality in Madison
-“Kennedy Says Can’t Cut Off State Money”
-Practice sections of the Mississippi constitution for the voter registration test
May 11 -Mississippi vote drive gathers speed
-“Clarksdale Drug Store Damaged in Blast”
-“Bomb Thrown into Itta Bena Meeting”
-“Ruleville Ladies Lose Jobs After They Try to Register to Vote”
-Three men charge Clinton police of brutality
18 -“Unions Seek to Stop Use of Out of State Low Wage Labor”
-“18 Ruleville Women Come Together to Make Quilts to Sell Nationally in Light of Lost Jobs”
-T. V. newsman, Bob Neblett, told to apologize to the public for using the word “nigger”
25 - Protests, sit – ins, and picketing planned for Jackson if demands not met
-“Reprisals Hit Delta Citizens Active in Voter Movements”
-“Minimum Wage Among Bills Proposed for Farm Labor”
-“’Right to Work’ Laws Aim to Destroy Labor Unions”
June 1 -Meredith to speak
-27 people arrested in Jackson demonstrations
-“Chemical Workers Fight Union-busters in Delta”
-“Rankin Sheriff Admits He Beat Man in Court House”
15 -“Evers Murdered – Civil Rights Leader Shot in Back”
-“Charge Winona Police Jailed and Beat 3 Delta Women”
-“McDowell Enrolls at Ole Miss Law School; No Riot Repetition”
-“Jackson Youths Parade Despite Injunctions that Demonstration is Illegal”
-“Federal Court Frees Whites Arrested at Ole Miss Riots”
22 -“1000s Mourn Evers”
-Thousands of people were arrested after protesting the Evers murder on Capitol Street
-“Clarksdale Pickets Aimed at Discrimination in Churches”
29 -“Byron de La Beckwith Held in Evers Murder as Suspect”
-“Shotgun Blast Strikes Youths near Canton Voter Meeting”
-As voter campaigns in Itta Bena and Greenwood grow, many people are jailed for participation
-“President Kennedy’s Civil Rights Bill Asks End to Job, School Discrimination"
July 6 -“Beckwith Indicted”
-Justice department defends rights of 51 Citizens from the Delta
-“Ministers Vow New Protests”
20 -U. S. Court Convicts Lynd, Forrest County Registrar, of Contempt of Court for failure to register African American voters
-“D. A. Asks Mental Checkup for Accused Evers Killer”
-“2 Whites Indicted for Clarksdale Bombing”
-“In Case of Arrest – Know Your Legal Rights”
-“Jackson Man Claims Companies Hired Him to Spy on Unions”
27 -“Laurel Women Seek School Desegregation”
-“Beckwith Removed to Mental Hospital; Trial Postponed”
-300 people protest in Jackson
30 -Greenville boycott
-Aaron Henry and 51 others jailed in Clarksdale for protesting
-23,000 African Americans are now registered voters
-Group hopes to teach people how to teach classes on citizenship
-“These Are the Candidates: 3 Men Seeking Term as Governor”
-“State Law Provides Way for Unregistered to Vote”
-copy of actual ballot to be given out on August 6
Aug. 10 -81 jailed in Anti-segregation protest in Clarksdale
-“Mississippi Judge Orders Doctors at Whitfield State Hospital to Cease Mental Tests on Byron de la Beckwith”
-White man shoots 5 African Americans; Canton judge only fines him $500
-“Mrs. Noelle Henry Sues to Win Back Teaching Post”
-“733 Vote for Freedom”
17 -“Beckwith Released from Mental Tests”
-“Pentagon’s Actions Attack Segregation near Dixie-Bases”
-C. R. group charges police brutality
-“Buses Provided to Transport Mississippians to Washington”
-“Greenwood Citizenship School Trains People to Be Teachers”
24 -“Ole Miss Graduates Meredith”
-“Governor’s Race in Crucial Week”
-Suit in Clarksdale Court attacks the injunction prohibiting picketing or distribution of leaflets
31 -African American mount massive protest by setting up Vote for Freedom polling places
-“Mahalia and Others Top Jackson Movement Show”
-“243 from State Make D. C. Trip”
-“Tougaloo Plays Role in Fight for Rights”
-“Education: Separate and Unequal – States Statistics Remove All Doubt”
Sept. 7 -“Mississippians Tell of Great American Demonstration”
-“Marchers Mobbed in Meridian”
-“March Paced by Mississippi Singers”
-“Bi-Racial Committee Wanted; Laurel Mayor is Attentive”
-Dixicrats say GOP here will help the African Americans be heard
-“Johnson’s Win - State’s Loss”
14 -“Mayor Turns Down Civil Rights Inquiry”
-“Beckwith Awaits Decision of Trial”
-Sidewalks needed
-Justice Department charges policemen with beating African American prisoners
-African American crossing guards hired
21 -2 petitions call for school integration in Clarksdale and Biloxi
-editorial: “Human Limits”
-Plans for 200,000 African Americans to vote in the next election
28 -African American shot in side and back of neck by Delta police who claim it was self – defense
-Cleve McDowell carries an a concealed weapon onto Ole Miss’s campus and is expelled
-“Tougaloo Undisturbed by Fund Withdrawal”
-“Boycott Proves Worth as Weapon”
Oct. 5 -McDowell maintains he carried the weapon to protect himself from harassment to and from campus
-African Americans decide on a candidate
-4 African American policemen hired in Meridian
12 -“Aaron Henry, Candidate for Governor”
-“Path to Church Lead 3 to Jail”
-Vote in Pascagoula feels the effects of African American voters
-Biography of Aaron Henry
19 -Council of Federated Organizations elects Rev. R. Edwin King to run for Lt. Governor of Mississippi
-Charles Evers and 3 others stand up to Meridianites’ intimidation to leave the white waiting room at the bus station.
-“Jackson Women’s Tea Honors Cross Guards”
-Miss Mary Ann Champion is crowned Homecoming Queen at Lanier
Nov. 2 -“Candidates for Freedom: Henry, King”
-African Americans in areas where local officials kept Vote for Freedom polling places from opening may vote in the mail with“underground ballots”
-“Minister Decries Church Segregation”
-“What to Do on Election Days?”
9 -“90,000 Vote for Henry”
-“Family Service Association Provides Guidance for Families”
-“Johnson Refused Consent of Governed”
-“Vicksburg, The Sick City”
16 -Cotton growers in poverty
-“Meredith Speaks on Education”
-Adult education classes offered at Jim Hill high school
-“Ole Miss Prof. Denounces State as Corrupt, Enslaved”
-“Mississippi Learns from Controlled Textbooks”
-“Womanpower Continues to Benefit Community”
-“Results from Governor’s Race”
23 -Few taking advantage of adult education opportunities
-High school administrators fail to inform their students of opportunities available to them through the Meredith Education Fund
-“Sheriff, School Superintendent – Use, Abuse of Public Office”
-Unofficial Freedom Vote Totals for Henry
-“Bishops Ban Bias Churches Still Shut”
30 -“Nation Mourns Kennedy” (picture of Johnson consoling Mrs. Kennedy)
-“Leaders Lament Untimely Death”
-“Courthouse Segregated”
-“Beckwith Gets Date for Trial”
Dec. 7 -U. S. Congressmen receive excerpts from African American newspaper that falsely portrays African Americans in Mississippi as satisfied
-“Needed: Adequate Education”
-“Civil Rights Bill; What It Would Mean”
-Political cartoon honoring Kennedy
-“Ole Miss Professors Rap Policies of State”
14 -Church members tricked into buying an organ from Capitol Street Store (Werleins for Music)
-“All White Jury Frees Police of Beating Charge”
-“Movement Leaders Request ‘No Christmas Decorations’”
21 -The Jackson Civil Rights Movement leads African Americans in foregoing Christmas decorations to observe a mood of mourning for Kennedy and Evers
-Ministers vow not to participate in holiday decoration contests
-“Letter Blasts Local Editor”
-“Police Continue Clergy Arrests”
28 -“Evers Refutes ‘Tank’ – ‘We’re United Not Violent’”
-“Army Still Segregated”
Folder 5: 1964
Jan. 11 -Sheriff in Holmes County accused of not allowing an African American to pay his poll taxes
-Cotton owners steal sharecroppers’ profits
-“Pistol Whipping in Canton”
-“Time Magazine Hails M. L. King the ‘Man of the Year’”
-“Meredith Picks Africa to Continue Education”
18 -“McComb Shooting Damages Homes”
-Committee hears about vote denials
-“Meredith Talk Costs D-J Job”
-“Cox Made to Rule on Church Arrests”
-“Court Denies Lynd Plea; COFO to Test Registrar”
25 -“Bonanza Star Refuses to Attend All – White Show”
-African American citizens of Canton declared non-violent boycott of Madison
-Henry Denounces Recreation Center Specifically for African Americans
-“Beckwith Trial Begins; Conviction Doubtful”
Feb. 1 -“Poll Tax Outlawed”
-More entertainers refuse to perform in Jackson due to segregated audiences at Coliseum
-“Without Arrests – 300 in Hattiesburg Demand Ballot Rights”
-“91 Jurors Elude Evers Murder Trial”
8 -Upsurge of KKK activity (burned crosses, etc.)
-Rifle carrying policemen shot 3 students while mob protested city’s failure to erect a traffic light to make Lynch Street safer
-“Evidence Mounts Against Beckwith – Prints Linked”
-“Army Official Denies Segregation”
-“Workshop Discusses Religious Freedom”
15 -African American in Liberty, MS, shot after harassment by police and other whites
-“Canton Policemen Beat 2 Youths”
-“360,000 Boycott Schools in N. Y. C. “
-“ In Beckwith Trial – White Jury Cornered” (includes Beckwith’s own statement on racism)
-“C. R. Bill Passes House, Senate Debates Next”
22 -Mississippi legislature gives $200,000 to lobby to fight C. R. bill
-More businesses on Capitol Street are going out of business
-“Evers Praises Court in Integration Case”
29 -“Rust Students Attend Ole Miss Lecture”
-Voter registration in Canton
Mar. 7 -“Separate Facilities Ruled Illegal”
-“Tough Road Still Ahead for Important C. R. Bill”
-“Johnson Speaks on Civil Rights”
-“New Trial Date Due March 23” (in Medgar Evers murder trial)
-“Jackson Clergy Form Alliance”
14 -Stars still refusing to play Jackson coliseum
-Battle of Civil Rights Bill reaches Senate after the House passed it
-Canton students stay home from school to protest poor facilities
-More African Americans in Federal jobs, according to President Johnson
-“Natchez Man Might be KKK Victim”
21 -Garbage men write Jackson mayor to ask for vacations and higher pay
-31,000 leaflets sent to whites in Jackson that inform them about the boycott and how to counter-act it
Apr. 11 -Senator Stennis and 3 Congressmen are challenged by African American candidates
-Governor Paul B. Johnson and Ex-governor Barnett may be fined or jailed for their efforts to keep Meredith from registering at Ole Miss
-“New Beckwith Trial Opens”
-U. S. Supreme Court says Mississippi’s tradition of calling African Americans solely by their first names in court must stop
May 16 -Students at Alcorn are still out of school after state Highway Patrol arrested bus-loads for demonstrating
-Women strike for peace in Netherlands
23 -“Meredith Fund Closes”
-“Jackson Desegregation Hearing Started”
-Brown University will aid Tougaloo College
June 27 -“Report on 3 missing C. R. Workers, Last Seen Neshoba County”
-“Hot Summer is on: C. R. Workers Missing, Car Burned, Church and Homes Bombed and Burned”
-Ford Foundation gives aid to African American colleges
-U. S. Supreme Court ruled both houses of state legislature must be elected from districts that are equal in population (not geographical)
July 4 -“Mississippi Freedom Summer Underway”
-“Mississippi Cannot Grow Without Truth – A Free Electorate Needed”
-“Mayor Bans Minister from Church”
-“U. S. Civil Rights Commission Agrees to Hold 1964 Hearing in Mississippi”
-“3 Rights Workers Believed Dead”
-Letter from Charles Evers to R. F. K.
-“3 Arrested on Threat Charge”
11 -On July 5th hotel and motel owners in Jackson opened to African Americans seeking accommodations
-White Citizens Council advocates boycotting African American owned businesses
-NAACP sends board to observe human rights violations in Mississippi
18 -“Mississippi Likely to Get a Grade – a – Year Desegregation”
-Mississippi begins following new Civil Rights Law
-“New Freedom Schools Opening”
-“Courts Speed Vote Registration” Batesville
-“Phillip Randolph to Receive Medal of Freedom”
-“Key Provisions of New Civil Rights Act”
-“Ruling Bans All-White Jury”
-Congressman seeks protection from Federal government for Civil Rights Workers
25 -Goldwater’s views like that of conservative, white Southerners although he is a Westerner
-“Crowd Turns Out for King”
-Burning crosses, and farm equipment sabotage in Bolton
-“Mississippi Has Nation’s Lowest Crime Rate…Says Daily Press”
-“School Desegregation Plans Contested”
-2 African American bodies found mutilated – Federal investigation called for
-“Organized Labor to Push Fair Employment”
-“Southern C. R. Compliance – American Jewish Congress View”
-“McDowell’s Expulsion Appealed”
Aug. 1 -Governor Wallace sued for 200 grand
-Government agencies ask departments not to speak before segregated audiences
-“New Freedom Democrats Force Lily Whites’ Recess”
-“Freedom Democrats Challenge Old Order Politics”
-“Macon County Alabama Schools Rid of Wallace”
-“Highlights of ’64 Republican Platform”
Folder 6: Miscellaneous articles
  -“Young Editor of Negro Newspaper Walks Tightrope in Mississippi.”
Asbury Park, NJ: Asbury Park Press. (date unknown).
  -“Press Story.” New York, NY: New York Post. (April 23, 1963).

Suggested Research Topics in the Mississippi Free Press

-segregation and desegregation
-voter registration, voter rights, voting tests
-sit-ins, boycotts (general civil disobedience)
-social events: sorority functions, debutante balls, high school and college football,
fashion fairs, graduations, church activity listings, Masons
-education drives, programs, and scholarships
-school integration
-political campaigns
-White Citizens Council
-history of NAACP in Mississippi
-Council of Federated Organizations (COFO)
-Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
-roles of ministers and priests in Civil Rights Movement
-actions and growth of labor unions in Mississippi
-Ole Miss history
-USM- Southern Miss history
-advertisements for Jackson businesses


Persons of Interest in the Mississippi Free Press

-Gov. Ross Barnett *
-Byron De La Beckwith *
-Diane Nash Bevel
-Charles Cobb
-J. P. Coleman
-Congressman Charles Diggs
-Charles Evers *
-Medgar W. Evers *
-Dick Gregory
-Aaron Henry and Mrs. Noelle Henry *
-Sandra Holderfield
-J. Edgar Hoover
-Lyndon Johnson
-Lt. Gov. (later Gov.) Paul B. Johnson *
-Clyde Kennard *
-John F. Kennedy *
-Martin Luther King, jr. *
-Rev. R. Edwin King
-Cleve McDowell
-James Meredith *
-Pee Wee Reese
-Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt
-Thelma L. Sanders
-Rev. Robert L. T. Smith
-Charles L. Sullivan
-Amelia Tucker

* denotes those persons mentioned often and in great detail


Inventory of Business Names in the Mississippi Free Press

-Ades Guarantee Shoe Store
-Alamo Theatre
-Bel Air Estates
-Bilbo McHuley Builders
-Boot’s Flower Shop
-Catchings Motor Service
-Chinn’s Grocery
-Collins Funeral Home
-Conic’s Beauty and Barber Supply
-Cook’s Funeral Home
-D & L Shoe Repair
-David’s Shoe Store
-Dennis Brothers
-Denton Funeral Home
-Draine’s Refrigerator Service
-Ebony Record Shop
-Farrier’s Service Station
-Fernwood Grocery
-Fox Furniture
-Fred Scott Builders
-Fuller Products
-Glorioso Supermarket
-Harris’ Phillips ’66
-Houston – Thomas Furniture
-J. G. Wells Fencing
-Jackson Central Insurance
-Jenkin’s Service Station
-Joe’s Little Grocery
-Jones 5 & 10 Cent Stores
-Jones Pharmacy
-Joseph & Clayton Tax Consultants
-Kollege Kleaners
-L. C. Carr Autoparts
-La Vonne Builders
-Luckett’s Food Market
-Lullabelle’s Clothing Store
-Maberry Brothers Roofing
-Maberry Department Store
-Maggie’s Snack Bar
-Mitchell’s Grocery Market
-MLS Drug Store
-Moman’s Furniture
-Mosley’s Shoes
-N. W. Tate Distributors, Inc.
-New Casino
-New Deal Supermarket
-New Jackson Supermarket
-Paris Cleaners
-Peaches Café
-Penguin Drive – in
-People’s Funeral Home
-R. B. Bennett Plumbing Repair
-Raymond McClinton Department Store
-Robert Smith, M. D.
-Sanders (clothing)
-Service Shoe Shop
-Smith’s Supermarket
-Southern T. V.- Radio
-Star Supermarket
-State Mutual Federal Savings and Loan Association
-Stinley & Allen’s Grocery
-Summers Hotel
-Taylor’s Cleaners
-Thomas Great M Store
-Tougaloo Southern Christian College
-Universal Life Insurance
-Wells Furniture Co.
-Whitfield Mills Road Shopping Center
-Williams’ 66


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