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Collection Title: Rose (Stephen C.) Papers

Collection Number: M389

Dates: 1949-1998

Volume: 4.5 cubic feet

Provenance: Materials in this collection were generated and/or collected by Mr. Stephen C. Rose.

Donor: Mr. Stephen C. Rose, between November 1998 and August 1999.

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code)

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

Stephen C. Rose (b. New York City, 1936) earned his B.A. from Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts, in 1958, and his B.D. from Union Theological Seminary in 1961. For some ten years he would be an active reformer of the Christian faith in America, mostly through his efforts as a writer, public speaker, and magazine editor.

Rose spent the summer of 1961 as assistant pastor of the First Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, a historically black congregation. He was assigned to the church as part of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s Student Interracial Ministry Project. While in Nashville, Rose met preacher and author Will D. Campbell, who would become a lifelong friend.

In September 1961 Rose found work in the communications section of the Chicago City Missionary Society, an outreach organization founded in 1886 and now associated with the United Churches of Christ. In that capacity, Rose founded and edited Renewal, a semi-monthly magazine that covered urban renewal and issues of faith in the inner city. He would serve as editor from 1962 to 1966. Between 1966 and 1967, Rose worked as a staff writer for the youth department of the World Council of Churches in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1967 he returned to Chicago, where he would serve two more years editing Renewal before resigning from that post and leaving Chicago for Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

All the while, Rose was also publishing books and magazine articles. Most notably, he was the author of the book The Grass Roots Church, published to wide acclaim in 1966. After 1968, Rose would become a self-employed writer, musician, lecturer, and activist. He held editorial posts at periodicals such as Christian Century and Christianity and Crisis, and published articles and columns in numerous magazines and newspapers. He is currently a direct marketer living and working in New York City.

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Personal Papers
Religious Activities
Other Employment

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Scope and Content:

The Stephen C. Rose papers include a broad range of materials spanning a significant portion of Mr. Rose’s life. His relations with Will D. Campbell and his participation in the SCLC’s Student Interracial Ministry project should be of interest to researchers of civil rights activities in the southern United States. The collection is divided into three series, two of which contain several subseries.

Series I: Personal Papers:

Series One contains personal correspondence, educational records, financial, legal, and medical documents, and other miscellaneous items. The resume folder is particularly useful; it contains eight resumes and curriculum vitae dating from 1962 to the 1990s. Series one also contains a photograph file.

Series II: Religious Activities:

Series Two consists of materials related to Rose’s religion-centered journalistic, fund-raising, and activist work. Subseries One contains materials from Rose’s tenure as editor of Renewal, including strategic proposals, memos, and some correspondence related to grants and funding. Subseries Two contains correspondence and collected articles from Christianity and Crisis, another religious magazine. Subseries Three contains correspondence and reports on the Consultation on Church Union (COCU), an ecumenical organization. Subseries Four contains materials related to Jonathan’s Wake, an activist organization founded in winter 1969 by Mr. Rose to effect a change in leadership in the National Council of Churches. This subseries also encompasses related activist groups and initiatives started by Mr. Rose. Subseries Five includes correspondence and other materials related to Rose’s work as a fundraiser for Will Campbell’s Committee of Southern Churchmen in the early 1980s.

Series III: Other Employment:

Series Three includes materials related to Rose’s non-religious employment, mainly after 1970. Subseries One deals with journalism and contains clippings from various newspaper columns. Subseries Two contains materials from Mr. Rose’s musical career. It includes lyrics, sheet music, records and cassette tapes, promotional materials, and related documents. Subseries Three holds unpublished manuscripts and other materials from Mr. Rose’s writing career, including notes on determined and undetermined subjects, personal notebooks, journals, poetry, some sermons, and copies of several books written by Rose and other authors.

Box and Folder List

SERIES I: Personal Papers
Box 1  
Folder 1 Correspondence (Aug. 1951 – Aug. 1971)
Folder 2 Correspondence (Mar. 1976 – Jul. 1995; undated)
Folder 3 Trinity School (Jun. 1949 – Jan. 1950)
Folder 4 Phillips-Exeter Academy (Dec. 1950 – Fall 1989)
Folder 5 Phillips-Exeter Academy (undated)
Folder 6 Williams College (Jan. 1955 – Jul. 1962)
Folder 7 Union Theological Seminary (Dec. 1958 – Jul. 1962)
Folder 8 Medical Documents (Apr. 1967 – Aug. 1990)
Folder 9 Legal Documents (Aug. 1960 – Jul. 1982)
Folder 10 Travel Expenses Statement (Aug. 1971 – Dec. 1971)
Folder 11 Ledger (Jan. 1974 – Jan. 1975)
Folder 12 Misc. Financial Documents (Sep. 1971 – Dec. 1984; undated)
Folder 13 Misc. Family Related Documents (Jan. 1950 – Feb. 1994)
Folder 14 Misc. Personal Effects (1979; undated)
Folder 15 Resumes (1962 – ca. 1990)
Folder 16 Clippings (Aug. 1951 – Jul. 1990)
Folder 17 Photographs (ca. 1956 – Jan. 1987)
Series II: Religious Activities
Box 2  
Folder 1 General Religious Correspondence (Jun. 1967 – Apr. 1995)
Folder 2 Personal Appearances (May 1966 – Jun. 1982)
Folder 3 First Baptist Church, Nashville, TN (1961)
Folder 4 World Council of Churches (Oct. 1966 – May 1969)
Folder 5 Christian Century Magazine (Oct. 1962 – Nov. 1980)
Folder 6 United Presbyterian Church (Feb. 1970 – Apr. 1997)
Subseries One: Chicago City Missionary Society/Renewal Magazine
Folder 7 Exploratory Program in Journalism (Dec. 1961 – Oct. 1969)
Folder 8 Correspondence (Oct. 1962 – Dec. 1969)
Folder 9 Proposals and Reports (Oct. 1961 – Sep. 1969)
Folder 10 Renewal Issues (Jun. 1962 – Sep. 1970; incomplete)
Folder 11 Renewal Bound Issues (Feb. 1963 – Apr. 1966; incomplete)
Folder 12 Clippings (Nov. 1965 – Sep. 1966)
Subseries Two: Christianity and Crisis Magazine
Box 3  
Folder 1 Correspondence (Jul. 1964 – Jun. 1968)
Folder 2 Articles (Oct. 1962 – May 1988)
Folder 3 Bound Issues (Feb. 1968 – Jan. 1969)
Subseries Three: Consultation on Church Union (COCU)
Folder 4 Correspondence (Jan. 1969 – May 1972)
Folder 5 Notes and Reports (ca. 1968 – Sep. 1971)
Folder 6 Clippings (Feb. 1970 – Oct. 1978)
Subseries Four: Jonathan’s Wake
Folder 7 Correspondence (Sep. 1969 – Dec. 1970)
Folder 8 Organizational Materials (Oct. 1969 – Nov. 1970)
Folder 9 Clippings (Nov. 1969 – Sep. 1970)
Folder 10 Network Consultants (May 1969 – Sep. 1970)
Folder 11 Mobilization to End the War in the Churches (Nov. 1970; undated)
Subseries Five: Committee of Southern Churchmen
Folder 12 Correspondence (Apr. 1964 – Mar. 1993)
Folder 13 Fundraising Materials (ca. 1982)
Folder 14 Periodical Articles (Apr. 1964 – Mar. 1969)
Series III: Other Employment
Box 4  
Folder 1: Employment-Related Correspondence (Sep. 1968 – Jan. 1994)
Folder 2: Simon’s Rock College (Dec. 1968 – Dec. 1992)
Folder 3: Instrument Finder (Nov. 1973 – Sep. 1978)
Folder 4: Book Sales (Nov. 1977 – Sep. 1978)
Folder 5: Albert Schweitzer Center (Sep. 1980 – ca. 1983)
Subseries One: Journalism
Folder 6: Berkshire Eagle; Religion in Crisis (Jan. 1968 – Feb. 1969; undated)
Folder 7: Berkshire Eagle; This Week in Religion (Dec. 1972 – Dec. 1973)
Folder 8: Berkshire Eagle; Sampler (Dec. 1972 – Mar. 1973)
Folder 9: Berkshire Eagle; Miscellaneous (Jun. 1964 – Feb. 1989)
Folder 10: Misc. Newspapers (Sep. 1972 – Dec. 1992)
Folder 11: Misc. Periodicals (Sep. 1963 – Jan. 1988)
Subseries Two: Music
Folder 12 Correspondence (Apr. 1982 – Apr. 1998)
Folder 13 Promotional Materials (1975, 1976; undated)
Folder 14 Clippings (Aug. 1964 – Apr. 1994)
Folder 15 Sacred Lyrics (Sep. 1980 – 1995; undated)
Folder 16 Secular Lyrics (undated)
Folder 17 Sheet Music (1979 – 1982)
Folder 18 Country Music Miscellany (Nov. 1988 – Jul. 1994)
Folder 19 New Rain Songbook (ca. 1977)
Box 5  
Folder 1 Biblical Love Cantata (1980)
Folder 2 New Hymnal (1980)
Folder 3 Gospel of Mark in Song (draft; ca. 1981)
Folder 4 Gospel of Mark in Song (1982)
Folder 5 Medley of Hymns (ca. 1982)
Folder 6 The Desert Shall Bloom (ca. 1982)
Folder 7 Political Songs; Story of Job (cassettes; 1977 - 1980)
Folder 8 Appalachian Blue (45 rpm; 1986)
Folder 9 I Will (45 rpm; 1991)
Folder 10 Lord of Birmingham (45 rpm; undated)
Folder 11 New Rain: The Story of Jesus in Song (L.P., 1976)
Subseries Three: Books and Other Writings
Folder 12 Correspondence (Dec. 1966 – Aug. 1989)
Folder 13 Contracts (Apr. 1969 – Mar. 1985)
Folder 14 Book Reviews (May 1966 – Jan. 1987)
Folder 15 Misc. Promotional Materials (Jul. 1967 – 1989)
Box 6  
Folder 1 One Minute Christian Manuscript (1980s)
Folder 2 One Minute Christian Manuscript (copy 2; 1980s)
Folder 3 Markman Manuscript, pp. 1-114 (1980s)
Folder 4 Markman Manuscript, pp. 115-184 (1980s)
Folder 5 Markman Manuscript, pp. 184-250 (1980s)
Folder 6 Markman Manuscript, pp. 251-327 (1980s)
Folder 7 Markman Manuscript, pp. 328-355 (1980s)
Folder 8 Markman Chapter Revisions (1980s)
Folder 9 Beyond Creedal Messianism Manuscript, pp. 1-42 (1980s)
Folder 10 Beyond Creedal Messianism Manuscript, pp. 43-99 (1980s)
Folder 11 Beyond Creedal Messianism Manuscript, pp. 100-159 (1980s)
Box 7  
Folder 1 Beyond Creedal Messianism Fragment A, pp. 1-82 (1980s)
Folder 2 Beyond Creedal Messianism Fragment A, pp. 83-115 (1980s)
Folder 3 Beyond Creedal Messianism Fragment B, pp. 1-72 (1980s)
Folder 4 La Madre Manuscript Fragment (undated)
Folder 5 Miscellaneous Religious Writing (ca. 1955 – Dec. 1982)
Folder 6 Sermons (Mar. 1966 – Nov. 1969)
Folder 7 Political Speech (Dec. 1969)
Folder 8 Article Notes and Drafts (Jul. 1966 – 1969)
Folder 9 Poetry (undated)
Folder 10 Biographical Writing (undated)
Folder 11 Short Works (undated)
Folder 12 Jonestown Research (ca. 1980)
Folder 13 Short Works by Other Authors (Apr. 1967 – 1984)
Box 8  
Folder 1 Writing Notes (undated)
Folder 2 Misc. Notes (undated)
Folder 3 Journals (Jan. 1954 – May 1971)
Folder 4 Journals (Oct. 1984 – Feb. 1988)
Folder 5 Notebooks (1980s – 1990s)
Folder 6 Notebooks (undated)
Folder 7 Conversation Notebooks (1987)
Box 9  
Folder 1 Rose, Stephen C. The Day the Country Mouse Expired. National Student Christian Federation, 1964.
  Rose, Stephen C., ed. Who’s Killing the Church? Chicago: City Missionary Society, 1966.
  Rose, Stephen C. Alarms and Visions: Churches and the American Crisis. Chicago: City Missionary Society, 1967.
Folder 2 Lecky, Robert S. and H. Elliott Wright, eds. Black Manifesto: Religion, Racism and Reparations. New York: Sheed and Ward, 1969. 2 copies.
Folder 3 Miller, William Robert. Goodbye, Jehovah: A Survey of New Directions in Christianity. New York: Walker, 1969.
  Lecky, Robert. S. and H. Elliott Wright. Can These Bones Live?: The Failure of Church Renewal. New York: Sheed and Ward, 1969.
Folder 4 Oden, Thomas C. Beyond Revolution: A Response to the Underground Church. Philadelphia: Westminster, 1970.
  Rose, Lois and Stephen C. The Shattered Ring: Science Fiction and the Quest for Meaning. Richmond, VA: John Knox, 1970.
Folder 5 Moore, Rebecca, and Fielding McGehee III, eds. New Religious Movements, Mass Suicide, and Peoples Temple: Scholarly Perspectives on a Tragedy. Studies in American Religion, vol. 6. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen, 1989.
  Haddon, Genia P., ed. Feminist Sacred Songs for Christmas. Scotland, CT: Plus Publications, 1994.

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