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Collection Title: Randall (Herbert) Freedom Summer Photographs

Collection Number: M351

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17,
United States Code).

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SERIES I: Photographs
Box 1:  
Folder 1: Photographs: M351-1 through M351-10
Folder 2: Photographs: M351-11 through M351-19
Folder 3: Photographs: M351-20 through M351-29
Folder 4: Photographs: M351-30 through M351-39
Folder 5: Photographs: M351-40 through M351-49
Folder 6: Photographs: M351-50 through M351-59
Folder 7: Photographs: M351-60 through M351-69
Folder 8: Photographs: M351-70 through M351-79
Folder 9: Photographs: M351-80 through M351-89
Folder 10: Photographs: M351-90 through M351-99
Folder 11: Photographs: M351-100 through M351-109
Folder 12: Photographs: M351-110 through M351-119
Folder 13: Photographs: M351-120 through M351-129
Folder 14: Photographs: M351-130 through M351-139
Folder 15: Photographs: M351-140 through M351-149
Folder 16: Photographs: M351-150 through M351-159
Box 2:  
Folder 1: Photographs: M351-160 through M351-169
Folder 2: Photographs: M351-170 through M351-179
Folder 3: Photographs: M351-180 through M351-189
Folder 4: Photographs: M351-190 through M351-199
Folder 5: Photographs: M351-200 through M351-209
Folder 6: Photographs: M351-210 through M351-219
Folder 7: Photographs: M351-220 through M351-229
Folder 8: Photographs: M351-230 through M351-239
Folder 9: Photographs: M351-240 through M351-249
Folder 10: Photographs: M351-250 through M351-259
Folder 11: Photographs: M351-260 through M351-269
Folder 12: Photographs: M351-270 through M351-279
Folder 13: Photographs: M351-280 through M351-289
Folder 14: Photographs: M351-290 through M351-299
Box 3:  
Folder 1: Photographs: M351-300 through M351-309
Folder 2: Photographs: M351-310 through M351-319
Folder 3: Photographs: M351-320 through M351-329
Folder 4: Photographs: M351-330 through M351-339
Folder 5: Photographs: M351-340 through M351-349
Folder 6: Photographs: M351-350 through M351-359
Folder 7: Photographs: M351-360 through M351-369
Folder 8: Photographs: M351-370 through M351-379
Folder 9: Photographs: M351-380 through M351-389
Folder 10: Photographs: M351-390 through M351-399
Folder 11: Photographs: M351-400 through M351-409
Folder 12: Photographs: M351-410 through M351-419
Folder 13: Photographs: M351-420 through M351-429
Folder 14: Photographs: M351-430 through M351-439
Folder 15: Photographs: M351-440 through M351-449
Box 4:  
Folder 1: Photographs: M351-450 through M351-459
Folder 2: Photographs: M351-460 through M351-469
Folder 3: Photographs: M351-470 through M351-479
Folder 4: Photographs: M351-480 through M351-489
Folder 5: Photographs: M351-490 through M351-499
Folder 6: Photographs: M351-500 through M351-509
Folder 7: Photographs: M351-510 through M351-519
Folder 8: Photographs: M351-520 through M351-529
Folder 9: Photographs: M351-530 through M351-539
Folder 10: Photographs: M351-540 through M351-549
Folder 11: Photographs: M351-550 through M351-559
Folder 12: Photographs: M351-560 through M351-569
Folder 13: Photographs: M351-570 through M351-579
Folder 14: Photographs: M351-580 through M351-589
Folder 15: Photographs: M351-590 through M351-599
Box 5:  
Folder 1: Photographs: M351-600 through M351-609
Folder 2: Photographs: M351-610 through M351-619
Folder 3: Photographs: M351-620 through M351-629
Folder 4: Photographs: M351-630 through M351-639
Folder 5: Photographs: M351-640 through M351-649
Folder 6: Photographs: M351-650 through M351-659
Folder 7: Photographs: M351-660 through M351-669
Folder 8: Photographs: M351-670 through M351-679
Folder 9: Photographs: M351-680 through M351-689
Folder 10: Photographs: M351-690 through M351-699
Folder 11: Photographs: M351-700 through M351-709
Folder 12: Photographs: M351-710 through M351-719
Folder 13: Photographs: M351-720 through M351-729
Folder 14: Photographs: M351-730 through M351-739
Folder 15: Photographs: M351-740 through M351-749
Box 6:  
Folder 1: Photographs: M351-750 through M351-759
Folder 2: Photographs: M351-760 through M351-769
Folder 3: Photographs: M351-770 through M351-779
Folder 4: Photographs: M351-780 through M351-789
Folder 5: Photographs: M351-790 through M351-799
Folder 6: Photographs: M351-800 through M351-809
Folder 7: Photographs: M351-810 through M351-819
Folder 8: Photographs: M351-820 through M351-829
Folder 9: Photographs: M351-830 through M351-831
Folder10: Photograph Index
Box 7:  
Folder 1: Photograph Identification Sheets: M351-1 through M351-62
Folder 2: Photograph Identification Sheets: M351-63 through M351-122
Folder 3: Photograph Identification Sheets: M351-123 through M351-187
Folder 4: Photograph Identification Sheets: M351-188 through M351-245
Folder 5: Photograph Identification Sheets: M351-246 through M351-312
Folder 6: Photograph Identification Sheets: M351-313 through M351-373
Folder 7: Photograph Identification Sheets: M351-374 through M351-442
Folder 8: Photograph Identification Sheets: M351-443 through M351-500
Folder 9: Photograph Identification Sheets: M351-501 through M351-574
Folder 10: Photograph Identification Sheets: M351-575 through M351-633
Folder 11: Photograph Identification Sheets: M351-634 through M351-687
Folder 12: Photograph Identification Sheets: M351-688 through M351-756
Folder 13: Photograph Identification Sheets: M351-757 through M351-831


SERIES II: "Faces of Freedom Summer" Exhibits
Box 8:  
Folder 1: Freedom Summer: Biographical/Historical Information
Folder 2: Poster: "Framing Civil Rights: Faces of Freedom Summer Exhibit to Come to USM." (June 1999)
Folder 3: Photographs Taken at Mount Zion Baptist Church Reception (June 6, 1999) (Photographs M351-832 through M351-851 and Identification Sheets)
Folder 4: Freedom Summer Symposium: Two Audio Tapes and Transcript (June 7, 1999)
Folder 5: Video Cassettes: "Freedom Summer Weekend at USM" (June 5-7, 1999)
Folder 6: Video Cassette: Interview with Dr. Michael De Marsche on WDAM-TV's "Mid Day" (June 5-7, 1999)
Folder 7: Video Cassette: "Faces of Freedom Summer" Exhibit-WHLT-TV 10:00 p.m. News (October 4, 1999)
Folder 8: Audiocassette: Interview with Dr. Bobs Tusa by Roger Duvall of Alabama Public Radio (February 2001)
Folder 9: "Faces of Freedom Summer" Exhibit-SUNY College at Old Westbury (November 2001) (Photographs M351-852 through M351-853)


SERIES III: Publications
Box 9:  
Folder 1: "Committed to the Image-Contemporary Black Photographers"-Brooklyn Museum of Art Exhibit Catalog (2001)
Folder 2: "Liberating Views/Views of Liberation: Black Photographers of the Civil Rights Era"-Master's Thesis by Iris Schmeisser
Folder 3: Nueva Luz: Photographic Journal (Vol. 7, No. 1, 2001)
Folder 4: "Revisiting Mississippi's Summer of Hope"-Paper by Amy Jo Formby (November 15, 1999)
Folder 5: The Social Studies (Vol. 92, No. 5, 2001)

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