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Collection Title: Campbell (Will D.) Papers       

Collection Number: M341

Box and Folder List: Series 4 of 13. To access other series, please use the links below.

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Series 4:  Oral Presentations (Boxes 12 - 15)
Box 12  
Folder 1 Address:  Baccalaureate address at Wake Forest University by Will Campbell (1984)
Folder 2 Address:  "Band Together for Genuine Unity" by Colbert S. Cartwright (February, 1961)
Folder 3 Address:  "Christian Concern--14th Amendment or 1st Commandment" (April 23, 1958)
Folder 4 Address:  "Doughnuts and Democracy" by Marion A. Wright (March 18, 1960)
Folder 5

Address:  Farewell Addresses from NSA Human Relations Seminars by Will Campbell (1961-1962)

Folder 6 Address:  From Christianity and Race Relations Conferences, Glorieta and Ridgecrest (1964)
Folder 7 Address:  Given to National Gathering of Editorial Writers (ca. 1990s)
Folder 8

Address:  "The Great Society As A Myth" by William Stringfellow (1966)

Folder 9

Address:  "Mississippi:  The Closed Society" by James Silver (1963)

Folder 10

Address:  "Public Interest in Private Acts" by Marion A. Wright (January 15, 1960)

Folder 11 Address:  Talk Given to Tuskegee, Alabama Civic Association by Martha Ragland (1965)
Folder 12 Address:  "Which Way Welfare" by Jugh R. Jones (June 6, 1962)
Folder 13 Address:  "Worship With Wide Eyes" by Sidney Swaim Robins (February 18, 1962)
Folder 14 Sermon:  "A Homily on Patriotism for Christians" by James Y. Holloway (Undated)
Folder 15 Sermon:  "A Man Had Two Sons" by Will Campbell (1959)
Folder 16 Sermon:  By Father Daniel Berrigan, S. J. (1968)
Folder 17 Sermon:  Chapel Sermon at Mercer University by Will D. Campbell (February 7, 1963)
Folder 18 Sermon:  "The Church in These Critical Times" by Robert Blakely McNeill (February 26, 1956)
Folder 19 Sermon:  "Come, Let Us Reason Together" by Dr. Ben B. St. Clair (June 2, 1963)
Folder 20 Sermon:  "Drummed in Your Dear Little Ear" by Dow Kirkpatrick (1959)
Folder 21 Sermon:  Excerpts From "Methodism Comes of Age" by Bishop William T. Watkins (October 12, 1959)
Folder 22 Sermon:  Excerpts From Untitled Sermons by Duncan Gray (Undated)
Folder 23 Sermon:  "Exodus 3: 13,14" by Will Campbell (Undated)
Folder 24 Sermon:  "The Freedom of the Word of God" by Richard E. Price, Jr. (1965)
Folder 25 Sermon:  Given at Vanderbilt Chapel by Will Campbell (Undated)
Folder 26 Sermon:  "God's Peace and Man's Pieces" by Rev. Roger A. Cowan (1958)
Folder 27 Sermon:  "In the Lion's Mouth!" by Pastor Jack Crum (1958)
Folder 28 Sermon:  "The Least of These" by Will Campbell (1977)
Folder 29 Sermon:  "Let the Church be the Church" by Jim L. Waits (April 5, 1964)
Folder 30 Sermon:  "The Ministry of Reconciliation" by Rev. James R. Bullock (1958)
Folder 31 Sermon:  "No More Water, the Fire Next Time" by G. McLeod Bryan (Undated)
Folder 32 Sermon:  "Of This Gospel I was Made a Minister" by Carlos E. Martin (November 8, 1959)
Folder 33 Sermon:  "Race, Religion, and Repentance" by Austin Pardue (1963)
Folder 34 Sermon:  Sermon at St. Mary's Cathedral, Memphis by William A. Dimmick (March 31, 1963)
Folder 35 Sermon:  "Some Stern Words of Jesus" by Colbert S. Cartwright (February 12, 1961)
Folder 36 Sermon:  "The Starting Point of Christian Race Relations" by Will Campbell (Undated)
Folder 37 Sermon:  "That You Might Have Life" by Will Campbell (Undated)
Folder 38 Sermon:  "Where the Desert Blooms" by Dr. Walter R. Courtenay (May 19, 1963)
Folder 39 Speech:  "Baptist-Land:  A Portrait" by Will Campbell for Southern Baptist Alliance (Undated)
Folder 40 Speech:  By Will Campbell, Arkansas Council on Human Relations (1968)
Folder 41 Speech:  "The Church and Race in the South" by Will Campbell (1958)
Folder 42 Speech:  Excerpt From Speech in Chattanooga, Tennessee (Undated)
Folder 43 Speech:  Fellowship House Speech by Will Campbell (Undated)
Folder 44 Speech:  "How to Keep Your Faith While Working for the Church" by Will Campbell (undated)
Folder 45 Speech:  "Journey of a Writer" by Will Campbell (Undated)
Folder 46 Speech:  Miscellaneous Incomplete Speeches on Various Topics by Will Campbell (Undated)
Folder 47 Speech:  "Redneck Religion" by Will Campbell (Undated)
Folder 48 Speech:  "The Role of Christian Leaders in the Racial Crisis" by Will Campbell (Undated)
Box 13  
Folder 1 Speech:  "Stewpot" by Will Campbell (Undated)
Folder 2 Speech:  "Successes and Failures of the Church in the South" by Will Campbell (1959)
Folder 3 Speech:  To the Southern Regional Council by Will Campbell (1973)
Folder 4 Speech:  "Unconditional Grace" by Will Campbell (Undated)
Folder 5 Speech:  Untitled Speech Given to Mississippi Group by Will Campbell (Undated)
Folder 6 Speech:  "Whatever Happened to the Old South?" by Will Campbell (1963)
Folder 7 Speech:  "The Witnessing Pastor/Creed or Discipleship" by Will Campbell (Undated)
Folder 8 Speech:  "Witnessing When the Cultural Landmarks are Down" by Will Campbell (1960)
Folder 9 Speech:  "Writing in Troubled Times" by Will Campbell (Undated)
Folder 10 Speeches:  Written for George Barrett by Will Campbell (1998; Undated)
Folder 11 Engagement:  2nd Annual Garrison Lectures (ca. 1990s)
Folder 12 Engagement:  3/P Society, University of North Carolina Wilmington (Undated)
Folder 13 Engagement:  (Possible) A & I State University-Nashville, Tennessee (ca. 1964)
Folder 14 Engagement:  A Conference on Community Unity for Adults and Youth (February 20, 1960)
Folder 15 Engagement:  Advisory Committee-Intergroup Relations, Washington, D.C. (August 22-23, 1964)
Folder 16 Engagement:  Advisory Committee-Race Relations, Columbus, Ohio (January 30-31, 1964)
Folder 17 Engagement:  American Baptist Convention, Atlantic City, New Jersey (May 18-19, 1964)
Folder 18 Engagement:  Arkansas Ministers' Meeting (1963)
Folder 19 Engagement:  Associated Church Press Meeting-Nashville, Tennessee (1962-1963)
Folder 20 Engagement:  Bethel College & Seminary-St. Paul, MN (1964)
Folder 21 Engagement:  Blue Ridge Conference (June 11, 1962)
Folder 22 Engagement:  Calvin College (January 26, 1993)
Folder 23 Engagement:  "Challenge '65"--Wake Forest College, Winston-Salem, NC (1964)
Folder 24 Engagement:  Chicago Regional Conference (1962)
Folder 25 Engagement:  Christian Life Conference, Glorieta [NM] & Ridgecrest [NC] (August, 1964)
Folder 26 Engagement:  Church of the Redeemer, Washington, D.C. (1964-1965)
Folder 27 Engagement:  Church Peace Mission's "Revolution, Nonviolence, and the Church" Conference (1963)
Folder 28 Engagement:  Colloquium at Callaway Gardens, Georgia (May 23-25, 1969)
Folder 29 Engagement:  Commencement, University of Southern Mississippi (1994)
Folder 30 Engagement:  Conference on Christian Faith and Human Relations (1957)
Folder 31 Engagement:  Conference on Church in Town & Country, Valle Crucis, North Carolina (July, 1964)
Folder 32 Engagement:  Conference on Religion and Race, Houston, Texas (May 25-26, 1964)
Folder 33 Engagement:  Consultation on Christian Action, Richmond, Virginia (October 28-29, 1964)
Folder 34 Engagement:  Convocation at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (1963)
Folder 35 Engagement:  Cooperative Planning Consultation-Sewanee, Tennessee (February 4-6, 1963)
Folder 36 Engagement:  Crozer Theological Seminary, Chester, Pennsylvania (1964)
Folder 37 Engagement:  Duke University Meeting (1963)
Folder 38 Engagement:  Earlham College Meeting for Worship, Richmond, Indiana (November 17, 1963)
Folder 39 Engagement:  Earlham School of Religion's Ministry of Writing Colloquium (1999)
Folder 40 Engagement:  Ecumenical Institute-Black Mountain, NC (July 21-26, 1963)
Folder 41 Engagement:  Episcopal Laymen for Renewal-"Bread is Rising" Conference (1969-1970)
Folder 42 Engagement:  Eudora Welty Festival-Jackson, Mississippi (Undated)
Folder 43 Engagement:  First Baptist Church of Chicago (1963)
Folder 44 Engagement:  Fort Worth, Texas Meetings/Seminars (1963)
Folder 45 Engagement (Possible):  Holy Week Conference on Theological Implications of Racial Separation (ca. 1963)
Folder 46 Engagement:  The Homily-Liturgical Conference (Undated)
Folder 47 Engagement:  Houston Council on Human Relations (Undated)
Folder 48 Engagement:  In Houston, Texas (1997)
Folder 49 Engagement (Possible):  Huntsville, Alabama (Undated)
Folder 50 Engagement:  Interagency Conference, Atlanta, Georgia (1964)
Folder 51 Engagement:  Jobs and Freedom Conference-Chattanooga, Tennessee (November 12-13, 1963)
Folder 52 Engagement:  Lancaster Theological Seminary, Lancaster, PA (April 21-22, 1964)
Folder 53 Engagement:  McComb Literary Arts Council-McComb, MS (Undated)
Folder 54 Engagement:  McKendree Methodist Church, Columbus, Ohio (Undated)
Box 14  
Folder 1 Engagement:  Memorial Service for Three Teenagers, Emory, University (Undated)
Folder 2 Engagement:  Mercer University-Macon, Georgia (1962-1963)
Folder 3 Engagement:  Methodist Women Meeting-Atlanta, Georgia (1958)
Folder 4 Engagement:  Metropolitan Baptist Church-Cocoa Beach, Florida (June 30, 1963)
Folder 5 Engagement:  Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT (1965)
Folder 6 Engagement:  Middle Tennessee Conference on Race Relations, Nashville, Tennessee (March 12, 1964)
Folder 7 Engagement:  Mt. Juliet/Wilson County Author Dinner (1999)
Folder 8 Engagement:  NAIRO Board Meeting, New York City (June 30, 1964)
Folder 9 Engagement:  NAIRO Conference-Cleveland, Ohio (November 20-23, 1963)
Folder 10 Engagement:  NAIRO Conference-New York, New York (October 7-9, 1964)
Folder 11 Engagement:  Natchez Literary Celebration-Natchez, MS (2000)
Folder 12 Engagement:  National Conference on Religion and Race (1962)
Folder 13 Engagement:  National Conference on Religion and Race-Chicago, IL (January 14-17, 1963)
Folder 14 Engagement:  "Pace-Setters" at Austin College (Undated)
Folder 15 Engagement:  Parkway Gardens Presbyterian Church, Memphis, Tennessee (August 30, 1964)
Folder 16 Engagement:  Preliminary Conference on Racism (1965)
Folder 17 Engagement:  Pomona College-Claremont, California (February 28-March 1, 1964)
Folder 18 Engagement:  Potomac Institute, Washington, D.C. (1964)
Folder 19 Engagement:  Presbyterian Center, Knoxville, Tennessee (1963-1964)
Folder 20 Engagement:  Proposed Visit of J. Erwin Miller to Nashville (1961)
Folder 21 Engagement:  Proposed Visit to the White House (1957)
Folder 22 Engagement:  Proposed Seminar on "The New Day in the South" (1965)
Folder 23 Engagement:  Race Convocation-Boston, Massachusetts (December 14, 1963)
Folder 24 Engagement:  Race Within the Church, Brunswick, Georgia (March 21, 1964)
Folder 25 Engagement:  Regional Conference on Jobs and Freedom, Chattanooga, TN (April 14-15, 1964)
Folder 26 Engagement:  Religious Communication Congress, Chicago, IL (1969-1970)
Folder 27 Engagement:  Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, University of Chicago (1970)
Folder 28 Engagement:  "The Role of Religion and Democracy in a Crisis" Institute of Religion (1959)
Folder 29 Engagement:  "The Role of the Southern Minister" Seminar, Atlanta, GA (1963)
Folder 30 Engagement:  "The Role of the Student in National Affairs," Agnes Scott College (1965)
Folder 31 Engagement:  SIM Conference, Raleigh, North Carolina (1964-1965)
Folder 32 Engagement:  Southern Baptist Alliance (Undated)
Folder 33 Engagement:  Southern Interagency Conference, Washington, D.C. (February 12-13, 1964)
Folder 34 Engagement:  Southern Leaders Conference, New Orleans, LA (February 14, 1957)
Folder 35 Engagement:  Southern Parish Training Program, Milton, FL (1965)
Folder 36 Engagement:  Southern Regional Assembly, National Student YWCA (1964)
Folder 37 Engagement:  Southern Student Conference at Pfeiffer College (1958)
Folder 38 Engagement:  Southern Student Human Relations Seminar (1961-1965)
Folder 39 Engagement:  St. George's Episcopal Church "Hot Spots" Conference (1965)
Folder 40 Engagement:  St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Richmond, VA (Undated)
Box 15  
Folder 1 Engagement:  Student Christian Association Lecture Series, College of Wooster (1964-1965)
Folder 2 Engagement:  "Studies in Social Change" Seminar, Farmville, VA (1965)
Folder 3 Engagement:  Tennessee Education Congress (March 19-20, 1964)
Folder 4 Engagement:  The Tennessee Williams Festival (Undated)
Folder 5 Engagement:  Trinity Church-Little Rock, Arkansas (Undated)
Folder 6 Engagement:  Tuskegee Institute Chapel (1962)
Folder 7 Engagement:  Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, Alabama (October 11, 1964)
Folder 8 Engagement:  Union College Religious Life Program Barbourville, KY (1968-1969)
Folder 9 Engagement:  University of Texas--Wesley Foundation Retreat, Austin, Texas (September 26-27, 1964)
Folder 10 Engagement:  (Possible):  Valpraiso University Human Relations Institute (ca. 1967)
Folder 11 Engagement:  "What God Wants His Churches To Be and Do in Tennessee," Tennessee Council of Churches (1963)
Folder 12 Engagement:  Westminster Fellowship Conference-Chapel Hill, North Carolina (October, 1963)
Folder 13 Engagement:  The White House Conference " To Fulfill These Rights," Washington, D.C. (1966)
Folder 14 Engagement:  Whitsett Society-Fort Worth, Texas (1995)
Folder 15 Engagement:  "Will D. Campbell and Friends," Hinds Community College (1990)
Folder 16 Engagement:  Young Adult Council of National Social Welfare Assembly (1962-1963)


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