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Collection Title: Johnson (Paul B.) Family Papers

Collection Number: M191

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

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Box and Folder List: Series 2, Sub-Series 8. Use the menu below to link to other sub-series.

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Series II, Sub-Series 8: Created Subject Files, Boxes 122 - 134:

These subject files were created as the Johnson Family Papers were sorted. Most of the materials were not found in any particular order, nor in any kind of folder. Included here are materials from state government agencies, colleges and universities within the state, private businesses, and items that clearly did not fit elsewhere in the collection. Items in this sub-series should be considered supplementary to the materials in the Governor's Subject Files.

Box 122  
Folder 1 AFL-CIO, Mississippi
Folder 2 A & I Board: Cairo Project
Folder 3 A & I Board: Correspondence
Folder 4 A & I Board: Executives Conference
Folder 5 A & I Board: Members
Folder 6 A & I Board: Minutes of Meetings
Folder 7 A & I Board: Miscellaneous
Folder 8 A & I Board: Publications
Folder 9 A & I Board: Publications
Folder 10 A & I Board: Mississippi Industrial Revenue Bond Program
Box 123  
Folder 1 A & I Board: Reports and Statistics
Folder 2 A & I Board: Reports and Statistics
Folder 3 Air National Guard, Mississippi
Folder 4 Aviation: Photo
Folder 5 Alcohol Beverage Control Board
Folder 6 American Farm Bureau Federation
Folder 7 Animal Disease Research Facilities
Folder 8 Auditor of Public Accounts
Folder 9 Banks and Banking
Folder 10 Barnett, Ross: Election Returns (August 1959)
Folder 11 Barnett, Ross: Campaign Lists and Correspondence
Folder 12 Barnett, Ross: Martin Fraley Campaign Notebook
Folder 13 Barnett, Ross: Speeches
Box 124  
Folder 1 Barnett, Ross: Form Letters and Correspondence
Folder 2 Barnett, Ross: Legal Opinion
Folder 3 Barnett Reservoir
Folder 4 Belhaven College
Folder 5 Budget and Accounting, Commission of
Folder 6 Building Commission, State (1960-1964)
Folder 7 Building Commission, State (1965-1966)
Folder 8 Building Commission, State (1967)
Folder 9 Calhoun County Hospital (December 1964)
Folder 10 Camp Shelby (June 1967)
Folder 11 Chamber of Commerce
Folder 12 Citizens Council (1954-1963)
Box 125  
Folder 1 Civil Rights: Legal Documents
Folder 2 Civil Rights: Legal Documents (Re: Education)
Folder 3 Civil Rights: Legal Documents (Re: Lois Chaffee)
Folder 4 Civil Rights: Legal Documents (Re: Voter Registration)
Folder 5 Civil Rights: Legal Documents (Re: Voter Registration)
Folder 6 Civil War Centennial Commission
Folder 7 Colonel MIM Association
Folder 8 Commissions and Boards: Members
Folder 9 Community Action Programs, Tupelo
Box 126  
Folder 1 Community Development Foundation, Tupelo
Folder 2 Conservative, Political, and Racial Publications; Miscellaneous Materials
Folder 3 Conservative, Political, and Racial Publications; Miscellaneous Materials
Folder 4 Constitution Party
Folder 5 Constitutional Rights Subcommittee, Judiciary, U.S. Senate (1962; ca. 1966)
Folder 6 Corinth (1963-1964)
Folder 7 Corps of Engineers: Mississippi Projects (1964)
Folder 8 Crime Commission, Mississippi (1967)
Folder 9 Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo (1967)
Folder 10 Delta State College (1964-1967)
Folder 11 Eastland, James O.
Folder 12 Economic Council, Mississippi (1961-1965)
Folder 13 Economic Symposium: Deposit Guaranty (1967)
Box 127  
Folder 1 Education
Folder 2 Education, Higher (1962-1965)
Folder 3 Education, Mississippi State Department of
Folder 4 Emergency Planning, Office of
Folder 5 Employment Security Commission, Mississippi
Folder 6 Fair Commission, Mississippi: Photos
Folder 7 Federal Programs in Mississippi (1966)
Folder 8 Forestry Commission, Mississippi
Folder 9 Game and Fish Commission, Mississippi: Photos
Folder 10 Gartin, Carroll
Folder 11 General Legislative Investigating Committee (1961-1962)
Box 128  
Folder 1 Government Reorganization: 1956 Report
Folder 2 Governor's Conference on Federal-State Relations: Follow-Up Report
Folder 3 Governor's Mansion
Folder 4 Governor's Staff Medals and Miscellaneous Items
Folder 5 Gulfport State Port Authority
Folder 6 Harrison County Development Commission
Folder 7 Headstart: Child Development Group of Mississippi
Folder 8 Headstart: Mary Holmes Junior College
Folder 9 Headstart: Miscellaneous Programs
Folder 10 Headstart: Mississippi Action for Progress
Folder 11 Health Care
Box 129  
Folder 1 Highway Commission, State
Folder 2 Honorary Citizen Award
Folder 3 Impeachment Petition
Folder 4 Independent Petroleum Association of America (1967)
Folder 5 Industrial and Technical Research Commission, Mississippi
Folder 6 Ingalls-Litton Shipyard
Folder 7 Jackson State College: Photo
Folder 8 Joint Committee on Salaries and Expenses in State Government (1964-1965)
Folder 9 Junior College Reports
Folder 10 Labor Publications and Documents
Folder 11 Legislative Apportionment/Reapportionment
Folder 12 Legislative Highway Planning Committee
Folder 13 Letterhead and Business Cards
Folder 14 Lists, Miscellaneous
Folder 15 Louisiana Governor, Jimmie Davis
Box 130  
Folder 1 Maps and Blueprints
Folder 2 Marine Conservation Commission, Mississippi
Folder 3 Marketing Area Reports, Mississippi
Folder 4 Marketing Council of Mississippi
Folder 5 Memorial Stadium Commission, Mississippi
Folder 6 Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association
Folder 7 Mid-South Economic Development Association
Folder 8 Millsaps College
Folder 9 Mississippi Forestry Association
Folder 10 Mississippi Press Association
Folder 11 Mississippi State University: Correspondence and Publications
Folder 12 "Mississippi the Magnolia State" By Col. Conrad F. Nordholm
Folder 13 Mississippi Colonels Association
Folder 14 "Mississippi's Positive Position to the Nation" (ca. 1965)
Folder 15 Motor Vehicle Comptroller
Folder 16 National Committee for Economic Freedom
Folder 17 National Community Television Association
Box 131  
Folder 1 National Petitioning Committee for Constitutional Government
Folder 2 Neighborhood Youth Corps Projects
Folder 3 Oil and Gas Board: Correspondence and Publications
Folder 4 Oil and Gas Issues: Department of Interior Documents
Folder 5 Pat Harrison Waterway Commission
Folder 6 Poplarville School Bond Issue
Folder 7 Preservation
Folder 8 Public Contractors, Mississippi State Board of
Folder 9 Public Service Commission
Folder 10 Railroads
Folder 11 Recycling Report (ca. 1967)
Folder 12 Red Gap Ranch Feasibility Report
Box 132  
Folder 1 Research and Development Center
Folder 2 Research and Development Center: Educational Studies
Folder 3 Research and Development Center: Educational Studies
Folder 4 Research and Development Center: Educational Studies
Folder 5 Research and Development Center: ETV
Folder 6 Research and Development Center: Human and Economic Resources Development Program (1966-1967)
Folder 7 Research and Development Center: Proposed Legislation
Folder 8 Resumes
Folder 9 Revenue Sharing
Folder 10 Senators, Mississippi State (1964-1968)
Box 133  
Folder 1 Ship Island Committee: Photos
Folder 2 Soil Conservation District Commissioners, Mississippi Association
Folder 3 Southern Interstate Nuclear Board: Publications
Folder 4 Southern Regional Education Board (1964-1967)
Folder 5 Southern Travel Directors Council
Folder 6 State Election Returns (1903-1967)
Folder 7 Surplus Property Procurement Commission, Mississippi State
Folder 8 Tax Commission, Mississippi State
Folder 9 Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority
Folder 10 Trade Missions (1965; 1967)
Folder 11 Treasurer's Report (1967)
Folder 12 Unitization in McComb Unit, Pike County: Mary E.S. Cobb Martin Case
Box 134  
Folder 1 University of Mississippi (1959-1960, undated)
Folder 2 University of Mississippi (1962-1964)
Folder 3 University of Mississippi (1965-1967)
Folder 4 University of Southern Mississippi (1956-1964, undated)
Folder 5 University of Southern Mississippi (1965-1967)
Folder 6 Veterans Approving Board, Mississippi State
Folder 7 Vocational Rehabilitation
Folder 8 Voting Issues
Folder 9 Water Commissioners, Board of
Folder 10 Water Pollution Control Conference
Folder 11 Welfare, Department of


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