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Name of Collection: Leverett (Rudy H.) Collection

Accession Number: AM04-27

Container List

Personal Papers (Boxes 1-3)
Box 1
Medical Materials
Health Articles
“The Purple and the Gold,” by 12th Grade English Classes of Hattiesburg High School (1952)
Birth Certificate of Rudy Leverett
Miscellaneous Articles
Articles on Cancer
Irish Ballads
Irish Pub Songs
Leverett Inventory
Personal History
Articles on Marriage and Divorce
Idaho State Law Library
Donations in Rudy’s Memory
Domestic Affairs
Name spelling change
Court Orders -Copier
Court Orders -Special
Agents –Literary
History Notes
Simon and Schuster
Southern Culture
Celebration of Rudy Leverett’s life
Military Service Documents
Military Service Document
Military Service Document
Honors and Awards
Ireland and Britain Trip (1987)
African Slavery
Newspaper Clippings
Writing by Rudy Leverett
Box 2
Diploma Covers
Bull, Barry
Women’s Dress
Mississippi State Flag
Colonial Mobile
Mississippi Research Materials
“Outside the Law: A ‘White Negro’ Community in Segregated Mississippi” by Victoria Bynum
The Bicentennial Collection of American Music, Vol. I, 1698-1800
“Misshapen Identity” by Victoria Bynum
Birch Trees
Wayne County
The Crux – Mississippi Southern Literary Magazine, Vol. I. No. II (Spring 1961)
Untitled Manuscript
Partial Manuscript Draft of Novel
Mississippi Southern College: Papers by Susana Conde Leverette
Mississippi Southern College: Diploma Cover
Mississippi Southern College: Papers by Rudy H. Liverette
Mississippi Southern College: Papers by Rudy H. Liverette
Pearson, Brian
Box 3
Manuscript for The Burning Ground
Leverett and McLemore Genealogy (Boxes 4-7)
Box 4
Revolutionary War – Bibliography
Vital Statistics
Leverett Genealogy: Miscellaneous
Leverett, David
John Traylor
Leverett Genealogy: Notes
Leverett Genealogy: Notebook
Leverett Genealogy: Notebook
Leverett Genealogy (1985; 1987)
Leverett Genealogy: Correspondence and Charts (1998)
Leverett Genealogy: Miscellaneous
Leverette Genealogy: Miscellaneous
Leverett Genealogy: Manila Envelope of Materials
Leverette Genealogy: Manila Envelope
Antient Press – Sam Sporacio
Wilkes- Richmond County Lees
Nathaniel Lee
Col. Greenberry Lee, GA
Elija Lee
Thomas Lee
Leverett Genealogy: Correspondence (1995; 1998)
Leverett Genealogy: Miscellaneous Photocopies
Leverett Genealogy
Leverette Genealogy
John Rea (Ray) et al
Ray Ancestors
Census Data
JAY, Ella Mae (on Lee family)
LEE Documents
Lee Family Genealogy
Box 5
Leverett Genealogy: Miscellaneous
Note Cards
Elveret, Inc.
Henry Clay Ray (1822-1925)
McLemore Genealogy
Richland Co., SC
Tennessee McLemores (John, Burrell, etc.)
Genealogy – McLemore Family
“The Origin of the Scottish Clan Mac Gillemhuire,” by Rudy Leverett
Notes on the Origins of the MacGilmore Families, by Rudy Leverett
Fairchild Family
Note Cards
Computer Disks
McLemore Genealogy: Assorted Materials
MANGUM, Mrs. W.D. (on Moses McLemore) (Kathryn Busby M.)
Margaret McLemore Lee
Box 6
McLemore Genealogy: Miscellaneous
Institutional Correspondence
Memorial Service for Maj. Amos McLemore – 1993, July
McLemore Genealogy
McLemore Genealogy: Photographs
McLemore Genealogy: Miscellaneous
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Elma Rose
GRAVES, Dorothy – Correspondence
McLemore Genealogy
Irish McLemores
McLemore Genealogy
McLemore Genealogy
McLemore Genealogy
McLemore Genealogy
McLemore Genealogy
McLemore Documents
Wright MacLemore
Sales Receipts
Box 7
McLemore Genealogy
McLemore Genealogy
McLemore Genealogy
McLemore Genealogy
McLemore Genealogy
John McLemore, b.1793
John Thomas McLemore
McLemore, Abraham B.
Moses and Amos McLemore of Darlington CO, SC
Amos McLemore and Elizabeth
Moses McLemore (Ten, Miss.)
Richard McLemore
McLemore, Major Amos – 27th Mississippi Inf. Regt.
Bibliographies – Civil War and Mississippi History
MAP: Section Template
Perry County, Mississippi – History
Genealogy Handbooks and Aids
Phillips, Ida, 2 Forest Drive, Laurel, MS 39440
Genealogy Forms
Walter Scott McLemore
Yates, Abraham
Exum Family
Virginia Maclemores
Military Documents and Records of McLemore Family
McLemore Bibliography
Jones County History (Box 8)
Box 8
Baxter, Marioa F.
Denis, J.C. – Provost Marshal
Brookhaven Raid
Meridian Raid – Sherman
Jones County, Mississippi – History
Manuscript: “The Republic of Jones in Legend and History” by Rudy Leverett
Manuscript (Untitled)
Knight, Davis v. Miss.
Confederate Patriots of Jones County
Little Legend: Ellisville Elementary School
Education and Education Philosophy (Box 9)
Box 9
Testing Dates
Computer Disks
Teaching Yourself: A Guide to Better Study Skills and Habits
Education/Education Philosophy
Introduction to Interdisciplinary Humanities: A Sample Course Outline
“Educational Research and the Concepts of Teaching and Learning,” by Rudy H. Liverette
Educational Theory
Note Cards
Article: “Kuhn, Education, and the Grounds of Rationality,” by John Fennell and Rudy Liverette
“Philosophy of Education”
Article: “Rationality, Talking Dogs, and Forms of Life,” by Harvey Siegel
Philosophy of Education, Deconstruction as Philosophy
Philosophy and the Rhetoric of Persuasion
Whittenberger- 1988
Language Philosophy/ Ludwig Wittgenstein (Box 10)
Box 10
“Philosophy and the Rhetoric of Persuasion,” by Rudy Leverett and John Fennell
“Forms of Life, Language, and Relativism,” by Rudy Leverett and John Fennell
“The Dream of Reason”
Computer Disks
Note Pads
Note Pads
Behavioral Objectives
Wittgenstein’s Concept of Criteria: Rudy’s Notes
Castenada, Carlos
Concept of Certainty/Doubt
Toulmin, Stephen
Waismann, Friedrich
Wittgenstein and Austin (Pears)
Secondary Schools
Meaning, Concept of
Miscellaneous Preliminary Musings and Inquiries
On and On On Ontology
C.B.T.E. as Pseudo-Technology
Private Language, Concept of
Grammar (Wittgenstein’s use of the word)
Zen and Wittgenstein
Language – Southern and Irish
Herder and Hamann
Ideas- Orality, Criteria, etc.
Method (of Wittgenstein)
Personal Identity
Language Philosophy
Language Philosophy
Language Philosophy
Language Philosophy
Language Philosophy
Religion and Etymology of “Cracker” (Box 11)
Box 11
Religion in Mississippi – History
Writings on Religion
Zen Koans
Articles on Religious Denominations, etc.
Notes on Religion
Writings on Religion
Writings on Religion
Kali- Burning Ground
Computer Disk: “Zen”
Article: “The Logia”
Etymology of “Cracker”
Computer Disk: “Cracker”
Etymology of Cracker: Miscellaneous
Poor Whites
Civil War (Box 12)
Box 12
Civil War: Biographical Sketch of Major Amos McLemore, by Rudy Leverett
Civil War: Note Cards
Civil War: Patrick Ronayne Cleburne (Confederate Veteran, July 1988)
Civil War: Northern Alabama and Middle Tennessee
Civil War: Franklin and Nashville/ Atlanta Campaign
Mississippi, Civil War- History
27th Mississippi Infantry Regiment – History
Civil War: “Autumn of Glory”
Civil War: “Horses and Horsemanship”
Civil War: “Under the Influence”
Civil War: 27th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
Civil War: Confederate Veteran (March – April 1989)
Civil War: “The Battle of Chicamagua”
Civil War: “The Free State of Jones,” by Rudy Leverett
Civil War: Confederate Veteran (July- Aug. 1988)
Civil War: “Life in Civil War America”
Civil War: “Civil War Handbook” (1961)
Civil War: Miscellaneous Files
Civil War: Articles
Letters- Contemporary
Civil War Note Cards
Civil War Articles
Franklin, Battle of
Confederate Veteran (May- June 1988)
Essays on the Civil War and Reconstruction, “ The Confederate as a Fighting Man”
The Civil War Rifleman
Medicine of the Civil War
The Common Soldier of the Civil War
The Battle of Franklin
History, Military
Bynum, P.M. et al
Publications (Boxes 13-14)
Box 13
Publications of Various Materials
Box 14
Genealogy Publication
Oversize Materials (Box 15)
Box 15
Dr. Leverett’s “File Out” Card
White Binder: McLemore Genealogy Charts
Blue Binder: Leverett Genealogy Charts
Oversize Materials in Map Case
Oversize Folder 1
Leverett Genealogy Chart
Oversize Folder 2
Photocopies of Confederate Muster Rolls
Oversize Folder 3
54” x 54” Vinyl Pedigree Chart of the Leverett Family

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