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Collection Title: Everett (Asha Burgess) Collection

Accession Number: AM08-20

Inclusive Dates: 1913-1916

Volume: 4 items

Given By : Bob Everett

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Form of Material:

  1. Scrapbook (loose pages, no cover). Including the years 1913-1916, when Asha Burgess attended Mississippi Normal College (now USM). Among the materials are:
    1. receipts
    2. notes on professors
    3. lyrics to Mississippi Normal College song (as written by one of Ms. Burgess's friends)
    4. notes on friends and fellow students
    5. Rankin County song
    6. notes from friends
    7. YWCA/YMCA pamphlet on the 1915-16 school session, which includes a list of instructors, and MNC historical information, as well as a list of YMCA and YWCA officers and statements of purpose.
    8. program from a 1916 annual debate between Mississippi College and Mississippi Normal College . Subject: “That the United States government should own, operate and maintain a merchant marine”
    9. ads for local stores
    10. poetry, including “The Woes of a Normal Pupil”
    11. Inter-Society Debate program. Subject: “That Mississippi women should be granted the right of suffrage”
    12. Menu from Mississippi Normal College , Mississippi Federation of Women's Clubs dinner (1913)
    13. Annual debate program between MNC and Mississippi A&M College . Subject: That immigration into the United States should be further restricted by a literacy test”
    14. 1913 memory book
  2. Asha Burgess' hygiene class notebook (loose pages, 1916). Includes “health census” of the class, drawings for building fly traps and outhouses, and a list of what to include in an “emergency kit for rural schools”
  3. Asha Burgess' notebook from a biology class
Asha Burgess' notebook from a botany class


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