Where can I find test preparation materials?

University Libraries do not collect study guides, practice tests, or other preparation materials for standardized tests such as the GRE, Praxis, and TOEFL. For more information about this type of standardized testing, visit the University Testing Center in the McCain Library and Archives building Room 113 (MLA 113) or contact the Testing Center by phone at 601.266.6123 or e-mail at testing@usm.edu.

Test prep materials may be available at your local public library. In addition, the Mississippi Library Commission provides access to the Learn-a-Test online service through local public libraries; ask for the Learning Express Test Center at your local public library.

Test prep. materials may also be purchased from the University Bookstore, online book seller, or local book store.

Many tests of this type are administered by ETS, a nonprofit organization. Visit www.ets.org for more information about the resources and services that ETS provides to test takers.