What is a QR Code?

In simple terms a QR or Quick Response Code is a type of barcode. If your phone has a QR Code Reader application installed you can take a picture of the Codes and they'll link your phone to a webpage or specific content.

Why would I use a QR Code?

You may find that scanning a QR Code and storing or accessing data directly using your mobile phone is more convenient that writing down call numbers or URLs on a separate piece of paper.

QR Codes in the Library

In the Library catalog, individual records of books and journal titles include a QR Code. By reading the code, you can save the Title, Author, Location and Call Number of the book you are viewing on the catalog to help you find it on the shelves.

Is my phone compatible?

Smart phones with a camera will be able to capture QR Codes. However, you may need to install a QR Code Reader application specific to your phone before you can read the codes. If not then you can easily install a free one. There are various ways of locating QR Code reader software for your mobile phone:

  • Search within your app market using the keywords QR Code Reader
  • Search online with the keywords, QR Code Reader and the make and model of your phone
  • Visit one of the sites listed at the end of this page to see if they provide a QR Code Reader for your phone

Further Information

Links to External websites for QR Code Reader software:

The University of Southern Mississippi | University Libraries | 118 College Drive #5053 | Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001