How do I get help trouble-shooting access to e-reserves?

  1. "The E-Reserve item won't download."
    Do you have Adobe Acrobat loaded? You need to have Adobe Acrobat loaded on your machine in order to access ERES's. Directions for downloading a free copy of Adobe are available on the "Reserves" homepage. If you have a current version of Adobe Acrobat loaded and you still cannot pull the item from reserve, contact the Circulation Desk at 601.266.4250 [Cook Library] or 228.865.4510 [Gulf Coast Library].

  2. "The E-Reserve item starts to download, but then stops or freezes up." | ^top
    Though the library makes every effort to create manageable download files, some E-Reserve items may cause your computer to timeout or freeze during the downloading process, particularly if you are using a modem. If this occurs, you may have to come to the library to print.

  3. "The E-Reserve item seems to be taking a long time to download."
    E-Reserve items are large files and will take time to download, sometimes up to 5 minutes! If you do not allow the E-Reserve to download completely, you may encounter errors or may only be able to view part of the document.

  4. "My E-Reserve item won't print." | ^top
    Check to make sure that you are using the print button on the Adobe toolbar. You cannot print using the browser's print button or by going to "File" and choosing "Print."