How do I find reference books?

From University Libraries' home page, click the Library Catalog link. Use the drop down menu to the right of the search box to limit the search to Reference Collection. In the blank search box, enter your search keywords. Reference collections in Cook Library (Hattiesburg campus) and Gulf Coast Library are included in searches using this method.

Reference materials are generally non-circulating, so it may be helpful to limit a search to a single library. To do this, use the Advanced Search function of the Classic Catalog. On the Advanced Keyword Search screen, scroll through the Location menu and select either Cook Library Reference or Gulf Coast Library Reference. In the blank search boxes at the top of the screen, enter your search keywords.

If you are trying to find a specialized dictionary or encyclopedia, you may enter those terms as keywords combined with subject keywords in the blank search boxes before selecting the reference indicators provided in either the Classic Catalog Basic Search or Advanced Search. Examples of this are "music and encyclopedias" or "psychology and dictionaries."

University Libraries also provides access to numerous electronic reference books. These e-reference books may be accessed through subscription databases such as eBook Collection (on EBSCOhost) and Gale Virtual Reference Library. Links to these online services are provided on the list of library e-resources located at