How do I find electronic books (e-books)?

University Libraries subscribe to a number of electronic book services that allow you to read full-text books online. Included in these services are eBooks on EBSCOhost, Books 24X7, and ScienceDirect. Only currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff may access e-books from off-campus. Off-campus users will be prompted to enter their CampusID username and password.

E-books may be found by going directly to one of the databases listed above or by using the Libraries online catalog. Use the Classic Catalog Advanced Search, limit the Material Type to E-book, and then enter your search terms (author, title, subject, etc.).

Users of ScienceDirect can focus on the e-books part of the database by clicking Search on the navigation bar and selecting the Books tab. To limit the search to only books subscribed to by Southern Miss, select Subscribed books from the Source drop-down menu.