How do I use Find It! to locate an article that's not immediately available full-text?

Many of the Libraries' subscription databases provide access to full-text articles, but other databases only provide access to article citations. Some databases may include a mixture, with some articles available full-text and not others. When full-text of an article is not available from the database you are currently searching, the Find It! tool can help you try to locate the article elsewhere.

Find It! is a specialized search engine that searches across all of the University Libraries' subscription databases to try to locate another source for an article or periodical. Clicking the Find It! button opens a new window with several possible results.

  • If Find It! locates a full-text version of the article in one or more databases, the link(s) to those other databases will appear in the Find It! window. Sometimes a link will take you directly to the full-text of the article. Other times, a link will take you to a search screen or table of contents page in another database and you will have to do a search to retrieve the full-text of the article.
  • If Find It! determines that Southern Miss Libraries do not have access to the full-text of the article in any of its databases, you will then be presented with other options for trying to find the article.

The following options are available if full-text of the article is not found in any of the databases.

  • "Check the library catalog for holdings by ISSN or by periodical title." Clicking on either of these options will search the library catalog for the periodical in which the article in question appears. If the search finds the periodical, you will see a list of matching records in the catalog. It is possible that Southern Miss Libraries will have some issues of the periodical but not have the specific issue where your article was published, so check the full details of the record to make sure the library has the volume you need. For more information on how to do this, refer to the FAQ "How do I find an article if I already have the citation?" If Southern Miss Libraries do not have the periodical, you will see the message "found no matches in the library you searched." Close this catalog window and return to the Find It! window for other options.
  • "Request this item through interlibrary loan." Often articles may be ordered and delivered to you through this service. Instructions about registering for and using interlibrary loan (ILLiad) are provided on the Interlibrary Loan Services Web page.
  • "Search Google for related information." Clicking on this option will search Google for the title of the article being sought.