How do I find out if the library subscribes to a periodical in my subject area?

Use the Basic Search screen of the library catalog to search for periodicals that cover a broad subject area.

  1. Change the right-most drop-down menu from Keyword to Subject.
  2. Type a subject term in the blank middle search box, for example, psychology or sociology.
  3. After the subject term, also type the word periodicals.
  4. Change the left-most drop-down menu from Search Entire Collection to Journals and other Serials.
  5. On the resulting list of subject entries, click directly on any link that you think relevant or mark multiple entries, click the Save Marked Records button, and then click the View Saved button. The resulting list will provide titles of periodicals about your chosen subject.

Click on any title entry to view call number, location, and holdings information. Links will be provided for periodicals available online through the Libraries. Multiple title entries may be marked and saved for future reference.