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The First Bank

The First Bank 110 S. 40th Ave. Hattiesburg
The First Bank 2702 Lincoln Rd. Hattiesburg
The First Bank 6480 Hwy 98, West Hattiesburg

Regions Bank

Turtle Creek Mall-Branch 1000 Turtle Creek Dr Hattiesburg
Front Street 130 W. Front St. Hattiesburg
Broadway-Branch 908 Broadway Dr. Hattiesburg
Cloverleaf-Branch 949 Broadway Dr. Hattiesburg
Hattiesburg 202 S. 40th Ave Hattiesburg
Arbor 4800 Hardy St. Hattiesburg
Petal-Branch 120 S. Main St. Petal
Main Street Books  210 N Main Street Hattiesburg

People's Bank

Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center
Main Post exchange, 177th Armored Brigade Hdqtrs, Bldg 609, & 3-349 Logistics Support Battalion, Hdqtrs, Bldg 704.

Starbucks @ Southern Miss in Cook Library

The Agora @ Southern Miss-west side of campus

College of Business @ Southern Miss--

College of Health @ Southern Miss--

Honors College @ Southern Miss

Cook Library @ Southern Miss--

Barnes & Noble @ Southern Miss--

Ultimate Nails - Hardy St.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate-Hwy 98 West

Wesley Medical Ctr-5001 Hardy St., Hattiesburg

Randy Price Clothing-6156 Hwy 98W, #30

Canebrake Club House-2 Canebrake Blvd.

Studio of Hair Design-6156 Hwy 98W, #1

Oak Grove HS-5198 Old Hwy 11

Pastry Garden-129 Walnut St.

University Baptist Church-Arlington Loop

Provisional Living

Parkway United Methodist Church --2420 Hardy Street; 601-544-7873

Westside Studio-Hwy 98 West, Newpointe

Trent Lott Center-Main Floor

Sigma Tau Honor Society

Gulf Coast

Pecan Park Elementary 504 Hanley Rd. OS
Oak Park Elementary 2230 Government OS
Magnolia Park Elementary 3500 Government OS
Taconi Elementary 711 Magnolia OS
OSHS-Media Ctr. 2320 Government OS
Ocean Springs Library 525 Dewey OS
St. Martin Library 15004 LeMoyne OS
Pascagoula Library Lori Smith 3214 S. Pascagoula Pasca.
Singing River Mall* Hwy 90 Gautier

*Box will be placed on Customer Service Desk, Located directly in front of Belk's-inside the mall

The First Bank-

The First Bank (Orange Grove) 11281 Hwy 49 Gpt
The First Bank (Downtown Gpt) 1300 25th Ave Gpt
The First Bank (Hardy Court) 573 Courthouse Gpt
The First Bank (Long Beach) 198 Klondyke Rd. LB
The First Bank (Biloxi) 2605 Pass Rd. Blx.
The First Bank (Pascagoula) 1126 Jackson Ave Pasca
Biloxi Regional Medical Ctr.* 150 Reynoir St. Blx.

Charter Bank

Charter Bank 1721 Medical Dr, Ste. 103 Blx
Charter Bank 1519 Jackson Ave. Pasca.
Charter Bank 2206 Bienville Blvd (Hwy 90)OS
Charter Bank 12008 Hwy 90 Gpt.

The Peoples Bank

11 branches

Other locations:

Bull's Restaurant Jeff Davis Ave. LB
Salvation Army Division St. Blx
USMGC Library Campus LB

The Friends are delighted to announce its first event!

On April 11th at 6pm in Room 123 of Cook Library on the Southern Miss Hattiesburg campus, author Hunter Cole will talk about his work The Legs Murder Scandal which relates the full story of "Mississippi's Lizzie Borden" and the sensational matricide that mystified the nation

In Laurel, Mississippi, in 1935, a daughter in a wealthy and troubled family stood accused of murdering her mother. On her testimony, authorities arrested an equally prominent and well-to-do businessman, her reputed lover and accomplice. Ouida Keeton apparently shot her mother, chopped her up, and disposed of most of the corpse down the toilet and in the fireplace, burning all but the pelvic region and the thighs. Attempting to dispose of these remains on a one-lane, isolated road, Ouida left a trail of evidence that ended in her arrest. Witnesses had seen her driving there, and within hours, a hunter and his dogs found the body parts and the cloth in which she had wrapped them.

Touted as the most sensational crime in Mississippi history at the time, the Legs Murder of 1935 is almost entirely forgotten today.

The controversial outcome, decided by an unsophisticated jury, has been left muddled by ambiguity. The Legs Murder Scandal presents an intricately detailed description of the separate trials of Ouida Keeton and W. M. Carter. Having researched trial transcripts, courthouse records, medical files, and vast newspaper coverage, the author reveals new facts previously distorted by hearsay, hushed reports, and misinformation. He pursues many unanswered questions such as what, really, did Ouida Keeton do with the rest of her mother? The Legs Murder Scandal attempts to provide the reader with clarity in this story, which at once is outlandish, harrowing, and intriguing.

Hunter Cole, Brandon, Mississippi, was associate director and marketing manager of the University Press of Mississippi at the time of his retirement in 2003.

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