Libraries Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Libraries Advisory Committee (LAC) is to provide a forum for representatives of the academic community to discuss issues pertaining to the University Libraries. Issues discussed may include relevant topics such as the services, collections, facilities, and access to information at any University Library. The LAC may research and provide information and/or recommendations to the Provost on such issues.

More information is available on the university's website.

Current Membership

Unit Represented



University Libraries

John Eye

Dean of University Libraries

College of Arts and Letters

Max Grivno

Associate Professor, Department of History

College of Business

Wei Wang

College of Education and Psychology

Xinyu Yu

Associate Professor, School of Library and Information Science

College of Health

Susan Dobson

Instructor, Department of Public Health

College of Nursing

Rebecca Newton

Assistant Professor, Department of Collaborative Nursing Care

College of Science and Technology

Ken Curry

Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Gulf Coast Faculty

Susan Mullican

Instructor, Department of Philosophy and Religion

Student Government Association

Jesslin Williams

Student Services, SGA